18 interesting facts about Swaziland

The small African country of Swaziland does not stand out with anything remarkable. This is a state typical by the standards of Africa, poor and not having any influence on world politics and the economy. Yes, and tourists here — rare guests, because the tourist infrastructure here is completely undeveloped.

Interesting facts about Swaziland

  1. The country is ruled by a king, whose power is absolute and not contested.
  2. In terms of HIV infection rates, Swaziland ranks first in the world — Every fourth person here is a carrier of a terrible infection.
  3. Swaziland — the only absolute monarchy on the African continent. Although in other parts of the world a similar type of government also exists, for example, in Brunei (interesting facts about Brunei).
  4. Every fifth inhabitant of Swaziland is not literate.
  5. Life expectancy in this country — one of the lowest in the world.
  6. Three-quarters of all working people in Swaziland are employed in agriculture.
  7. The king of this country has several dozen wives.
  8. Slightly less than half of Swazis — unemployed.
  9. Most Swazis speak Swati, although English is also the official language here.
  10. About 70% of the population of Swaziland lives far below the poverty line.
  11. Despite its modest size, the relief of Swaziland is very diverse — there are tropical forests, and savannahs, and rivers, and mountains.
  12. Unlike most other African countries, most of Swaziland is quite suitable for agriculture.
  13. In the country, only about twenty hospitals.
  14. Education here is free, but many children start working early and therefore do not study.
  15. Nearly half of all Swazi residents — adolescents under the age of 15.
  16. Only 2% of the population is over the age of 65.
  17. Three-quarters of the country’s population lives in villages and towns.
  18. Swaziland has its own army, but it has never taken part in any military conflicts outside the territory of Swaziland itself.
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