17 interesting facts about the Barents Sea

The cold Barents Sea, bordering the Arctic Ocean, cannot boast of a wide variety of living creatures living in it. This is due to the harsh climate – not all marine life is able to survive in such cold water. And this sea is also suitable for navigation only to a limited extent, because the winters here are frosty and very, very long.

Interesting facts about the Barents Sea

  1. Its southeastern part is often distinguished into a separate sea – Pechora.
  2. The depth of the Barents Sea at its deepest point does not exceed 600 meters, and its average depth is almost three times less.
  3. In winter it is completely, with the exception of the southwestern part covered with ice.
  4. The area of ​​the Barents Sea is twice the area of ​​Turkey (interesting facts about Turkey).
  5. Before the Second World War, the only country that had a port in the Barents Sea was Finland.
  6. This sea got its name in honor of the Dutch explorer Willem Barents.
  7. The Barents Sea borders, in addition to the Northern Ocean, with three other seas – White, Norwegian and Kara (interesting facts about the Kara Sea).
  8. The tides here are quite high. So, off the coast of the Kola Peninsula, their height exceeds 6 meters.
  9. The Barents Sea is entirely located beyond the Arctic Circle.
  10. Due to winds and currents, the air temperature over the waters of the Barents Sea is higher than over other northern seas.
  11. The waters of the Barents Sea are completely renewed in 4 years.
  12. From – due to the collision of warm winds from the Atlantic and cold winds from the Arctic over it, destructive storms often rage here.
  13. Of all the seas washing Europe, it is the Barents Sea that is one of the cleanest. Nevertheless, the destructive activity of poachers poses a threat to the local ecology (interesting facts about ecology).
  14. The most dangerous time for navigation in the Barents Sea is April. This month, floating icebergs occupy up to 75% of its total area.
  15. In the hottest summer months, the surface layers of water in the south of the Barents Sea sometimes warm up to +10-12 degrees.
  16. The waters of the Barents Sea the seas are polluted by nuclear waste processing plants belonging to Norway (interesting facts about Norway).
  17. The king crabs brought here perfectly adapted to the new conditions and began to multiply rapidly.
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