17 interesting facts about the Himalayas

The Himalayas are the highest and most imposing mountain range on Earth. Many of their corners have not been explored so far due to transport inaccessibility. Of course, modern satellites are able to look almost anywhere, but helicopters cannot fly at a considerable height, there is nowhere for planes to land there, and it’s simply impossible to walk to some Himalayan corners.

Interesting facts about the Himalayas

  1. 10 of the 14 peaks over 8 kilometers above sea level are located in the Himalayas. The remaining 4 are part of the Karakorum massif.
  2. It is in the Himalayas that Annapurna, the most dangerous «eight-thousander», and Everest, the highest peak of the Earth (interesting facts about Everest) are located. Annapurna, by the way, is notorious among climbers, because about one in three people who tried to conquer its summit died.
  3. There are five countries on the territory of the Himalayas.
  4. This mountain system occupies approximately 0.4% of the entire globe. In numbers, this is just over 1 million square kilometers.
  5. Many Himalayan ranges were once part of the seabed. This is evidenced by fossilized marine animals, which are found here from time to time on the mountain slopes.
  6. Due to the harsh climate, plants in the Himalayas are difficult to grow. However, local residents have learned to grow potatoes and some cereals even in such conditions. And in the country of Bhutan, for example, terraces are arranged on the mountain slopes, on which rice is successfully grown (interesting facts about Bhutan).
  7. The average height of the ridges in the Himalayas is about 6 kilometers.
  8. Origins Three of the largest river systems in the world are located in the Himalayas.
  9. The indigenous people are the Sherpas. They feel great at atmospheric pressure of 50-60% of normal, and easily navigate the terrain.
  10. Some places in the Himalayas have internet access. I mean in hard to reach places. There is Wi-Fi even at the top of Everest.
  11. From the ancient Sanskrit language, the word «Himalayas» translates as «abode of snows».
  12. Snow never melts on the tops of the Himalayan mountains. It has been lying there for hundreds of years, if not thousands (interesting facts about the mountains).
  13. Dozens of climbers die every year when trying to storm the Himalayan peaks, but this does not stop new daredevils following them.
  14. In the western part of the Himalayas is the amazing Valley of Flowers. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  15. There are 30 mountains in the Himalayas. Each of them has its own name given to it by a local resident, and a legend associated with it, sometimes beautiful and romantic, and sometimes frightening.
  16. The Gobi Desert is so arid because rain clouds do not reach it, which are unable to cross the Himalayas.
  17. The largest glaciers in the world are located precisely in the Himalayas.
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