16 interesting facts about Tokelau

Have you heard of a country like Tokelau? Lost in Oceania are three islands inhabited by indigenous people — that’s all. Heavenly place, without exaggeration! Unless, of course, you like complete isolation from the world and the absence of any infrastructure. It is very difficult to get here, but you will remember visiting this corner of the Earth for a lifetime.

Interesting facts about Tokelau

  1. The country of Tokelau, strictly speaking, is not a completely independent state, so how it is under New Zealand management.
  2. It is the only country in the world with 100% green electricity — all thanks to solar panels.
  3. Tokelau does not have its own army. But there are policemen, about a dozen people.
  4. The only way to get to Tokelau is by boat, which will take you to Samoa.
  5. About one-tenth of the country’s income comes from selling domains in the Tokelau national zone —.tk.
  6. Tokelau total land area — 10.62 square kilometers. This is about five times the size of the Principality of Monaco (interesting facts about Monaco).
  7. Most of the locals earn their living by fishing, or they live off the money sent by relatives who have gone to work abroad.
  8. The inhabitants of Tokelau simply pile up garbage on the shore to be carried away by the next tide.
  9. Tokelau’s GDP is — the lowest in the world.
  10. Before the transition to solar energy, diesel power plants were used here, fuel for which cost about a million dollars annually.
  11. 98% of Tokelau residents — Christians.
  12. In total, only about one and a half thousand people live here.
  13. Industry in Tokelau is completely absent. Everything here is imported from New Zealand.
  14. To visit Tokelau, you must obtain the appropriate permit in advance, but even it does not allow overnight stays in the country. If a tourist wants to spend the night in Tokelau, he will have to negotiate directly with the local elders.
  15. In the local language «Tokelau» means «wind from the north».
  16. In terms of official policy, the Queen of Great Britain is the figurehead of Tokelau.
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