23 interesting facts about Monaco

Monaco — it’s not just racing «Formula 1» and the famous casinos of Monte Carlo. These are also happy people, huge salaries, even higher prices, sometimes very interesting laws, smiling faces, expensive cars, shining neon lights and much, much more.

Interesting facts about Monaco

  1. Monaco is bordered on all sides by only one country — with France.
  2. Indigenous inhabitants of the Principality are called Monegasques.
  3. Citizens of Monaco are prohibited by law from visiting casinos — they only work for foreigners.
  4. It is impossible to see a homeless person in this country. No, seriously, they simply don’t exist here.
  5. After walking the streets for an hour in the evening, there is a good chance to see the top 10 most expensive cars in the world.
  6. Monaco Square — only two square kilometers, four times the size of the world’s smallest country — Vatican City (interesting facts about the Vatican).
  7. Population density in Monaco — the highest in the world, about 30 thousand people live here, that is, about 15 thousand per square kilometer. Moreover, more than 80 percent of the population — foreigners.
  8. Monaco has its own land army — about a hundred people. The national orchestra of this country includes more people than the army.
  9. In a couple of hours of leisurely walking, you can visit absolutely all the streets of this principality.
  10. According to the concluded agreement, in the event of hostile aggression France takes responsibility for the defense of Monaco.
  11. The ratio of police officers to the total population is the highest on the planet.
  12. The status of the official language in Monaco is French, but it is also used here Italian and English.
  13. Helicopter owners in Monaco have the right to fly no more than twenty minutes daily.
  14. The dynasty of the Princes Grimaldi, ruling Monaco, has not been interrupted for more than five hundred years. If it breaks, Monaco will officially become part of France.
  15. The unemployment rate here does not exceed three percent.
  16. Monaco has its own football team. There is also one stadium.
  17. The flags of Monaco and Indonesia are almost identical.
  18. Monaco does not issue its own currency — the official circulation here is the euro.
  19. The Principality of Monaco has no public debt.
  20. Reaching individuals in Monaco is not subject to income tax.
  21. The first casino in Europe was opened right here.
  22. Crime in Monaco is practically non-existent, and almost the entire territory of the Principality is monitored by surveillance cameras.
  23. Average life expectancy in Monaco — one of the highest in the world, it is steadily approaching the mark of ninety years.
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