26 interesting facts about trees

Our lives depend on trees, because they convert the carbon dioxide that we exhale into breathable oxygen. Forests must be protected, because their area is decreasing from year to year due to the consumer attitude towards them. And everything seems to be leading to the fact that humanity will not take care of this issue until the problem of air purity becomes really acute.

Interesting facts about trees

  1. At present, about 38 million square kilometers of land on Earth is covered by forests, but this figure is declining every year.
  2. The largest forest areas on the planet — taiga and South American jungle.
  3. The most forested country in the world — Finland, about 70% of which is covered with forest. Montenegro is not far behind (interesting facts about Finland).
  4. The most treeless country in Europe — Great Britain, where forests cover only about 6% of the territory.
  5. The tallest tree on Earth — a 112-meter high sequoia growing in the USA.
  6. Sequoias — Basically the tallest trees in the world. And at the same time the most ancient ones.
  7. It takes an average of a quarter of a million trees to produce one million tons of paper. For the production of one A4 sheet, an average of 15-20 grams of wood is required.
  8. Birch — the most common tree on Earth (interesting facts about birch).
  9. In order to save a single tree from cutting down, about 80 kg of waste paper is required to be recycled.
  10. The most expensive type of wood in the world — mahogany mahogany. They make expensive luxury furniture and no less expensive musical instruments from it.
  11. The oldest living tree on the planet — a tree that grows in a Lithuanian park, nicknamed «Old Man», is over two thousand years old.
  12. The crown of an ordinary oak tree grows on average by a meter in one year.
  13. The forest really pacifies — medical studies have shown that a person walking in the forest slows down the pulse and evens out the heartbeat (interesting facts about forests).
  14. The hardest wood in the world belongs to the Schmidt birch. This tree is so strong that it is simply impossible to cut it down with an ordinary axe.
  15. There are about 60 times more trees in the world than people.
  16. More than 80% of all cut forests are regenerated, partly independently, partly with human assistance. Yet each year there are between 95 and 97 million fewer trees on the planet.
  17. Russia accounts for almost half of all coniferous trees in the world.
  18. Spruce grows up to five hundred years, and pine — up to three hundred and fifty, give or take.
  19. Trees grow throughout their long lives.
  20. The Amazon jungle alone processes up to 120 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually.
  21. Trees of different species produce different amounts of oxygen.
  22. On average, one tree on Earth filters out up to 100 thousand cubic meters of air per year.
  23. Trees really reduce the greenhouse effect, the main reason for which is the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  24. Most of the world’s paper is consumed in the United States. This is partly due to the country’s ban on plastic bags — only paper ones are used.
  25. Trees get 8-10 times more nutrients from the atmosphere than from the soil.
  26. Trees are very strong. A small sprout is quite capable of making its way even through thick and durable asphalt.
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