25 interesting facts about Uganda

What is the African country Uganda famous for? Perhaps nothing, except maybe safaris and national parks, which are visited by brave tourists who are not afraid of yellow fever and malaria. This state can be called poor, but it is quite stable, and for several decades now, unlike some other African countries, there have been no large-scale conflicts here.

Facts about Uganda

  1. In the late 70s of the last century, the capital of Uganda was captured after a lost war with Tanzania. After that, two presidents were replaced here in a year.
  2. About 35 million people now live in Uganda. This is slightly less than in the world’s largest urban agglomeration, formed by two Japanese cities, Yokohama and Tokyo (interesting facts about Tokyo).
  3. In Swahili, the name of the state means “Land of the Ganda people”. Ganda is the most numerous of the Ugandan peoples.
  4. The official language here is English, but few people speak it. And since many local languages ​​and dialects are spoken in Uganda, the Luganda language is mainly used for interethnic communication.
  5. On the territory of this country there are 5 almost independent kingdoms – Buganda, Toro, Bunyoro, Busoga and Rwenzururu. The authority of local kings in their territory is recognized by the official Ugandan government.
  6. Half a century ago, local dictator Idi Amin proclaimed himself president for life. However, just three years later he was removed from power.
  7. Traditionally, local rulers, that is, kings, bear the title of “tavern”. This is about the same as “king” or “king”. Well, or “supreme leader”.
  8. Primitive people lived on the territory of modern Uganda about 9-10 thousand years ago, during the Stone Age (interesting facts about primitive people).
  9. The first contact of local residents with Europeans took place relatively recently, only in middle of the 19th century.
  10. Ugandan subsoil is very rich in minerals. However, this country still goes to the lists of the poorest in the world. Although the situation here, of course, is still better than anywhere else in Liberia or Nigeria.
  11. Uganda is a secular state. There is no such thing as a “state religion”.
  12. This country has one of the lowest average population ages on Earth. The average age of Ugandans is about 15 years old.
  13. It snows here! True, only high in the mountains. The highest of them, one of the peaks of the Virunga massif, rises to 4500 meters. These are the highest mountains in Africa (interesting facts about Africa).
  14. This country has no access to the sea, but it lies on the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world.
  15. Because Uganda is located almost at the equator, day and night here always last half a day. Sunset and sunrise always occur at the same time, at 7 am and pm respectively.
  16. The fauna here is unusually rich. About 11% of all bird species on Earth are found here.
  17. In the past, part of the Ugandan population was pygmies, the shortest people in the world. But the pygmies were driven out of here a long time ago.
  18. Uganda is one of the three countries in the world where mountain gorillas still live in the wild, along with the Congo and Rwanda.
  19. Most of the territory of Uganda lies at an altitude of 1000 to 1500 meters above sea level.
  20. In terms of population growth, this country is in the top 5 in the world, along with another African country, Mali (interesting facts about Mali).
  21. On average, according to statistics, there are about 7 children for every woman in Uganda. This is the second largest birth rate in the world.
  22. There is a change of seasons here, but not like we are used to. There are four seasons here – two dry and two rainy.
  23. In Kampala, the Ugandan capital, the recorded minimum air temperature is +12 degrees.
  24. Here, in the capital, there is an Orthodox community. It has about 600 parishioners.
  25. About a third of Ugandans live below the poverty line, and in terms of GDP per capita, this country is not even in the top 200 countries in the world.
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