30 interesting facts about Taiwan

The island of Taiwan is both China and not. It is entirely occupied by the Republic of China, a partially recognized state that has existed for about a hundred years and does not recognize the authority of mainland China. This is an amazingly beautiful place, but nature here is fraught with many dangers. Powerful earthquakes and typhoons make life on the island quite risky.

Facts about Taiwan

  1. There is no country with this name, the partially recognized state officially located here is called the KR, the Republic of China. But all over the world, this country is called in everyday life the same way as the island itself.
  2. There are quite a lot of vegetarians in Taiwan. It is estimated that 14% of the population here follows a vegetarian diet.
  3. Locals call the symbol «@» not a “dog”, but a «little mouse».
  4. Taiwan claims the territory of the Republic of Tyva, part of the Russian Federation. All due to the fact that until 1912 Tuva was part of China, and then came under the protectorate of the Russian Empire. After a period of independence, Tyva again became part of the USSR. By the way, Taiwan claims not only the territory of Tuva, but also the entire mainland China (interesting facts about China).
  5. Taiwan officially recognized not so many countries so as not to spoil relations with mainland China.
  6. The asteroid (2169) Taiwan was named after this island.
  7. In the 20th century, a rather strange entertainment for a funeral was common here – striptease. At first, this tradition became popular among the mafiosi, but soon became popular among the population. Striptease at funerals was banned by the government in the 1980s, but the tradition continues in rural areas to this day.
  8. Despite frequent earthquakes in Taiwan, Taipei, the largest city, has a skyscraper 509 meters high. The danger of collapse during a hurricane or earthquake is reduced by a huge 660-ton pendulum ball placed between the 87th and 91st floors.
  9. Translated from Portuguese, the name of Taiwan (Isla Formosa) means “beautiful island”.
  10. Europeans first appeared in these parts only in the 17th century.
  11. About 90% of the local population lives in the western part islands.
  12. Taiwan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world.
  13. Due to the long political conflict with China, Taiwan does not have a single embassy of any country.
  14. The highest point of the island is Mount Yushan, whose peak rises to 3952 m.
  15. About 98% of the population here are ethnic Chinese.
  16. There are 150 permanent rivers on the island.
  17. At different times, the island was controlled by Spain, the Netherlands and Japan (interesting facts about Spain).
  18. In 2006, Taiwanese scientists bred glowing green piglets. To do this, the gene for a green fluorescent protein borrowed from a fluorescent jellyfish was introduced into the DNA chain of the embryo. Glows in pigs not only the skin, but also all the internal organs. The main purpose of such an experiment is the possibility of visual observation of tissue development during stem cell transplantation.
  19. Among all countries in the world, Taiwan ranks fifth in terms of the number of gold reserves.
  20. The most popular sport here is, oddly enough, baseball.
  21. More than 150 radio stations, private and public, are constantly broadcasting on the island.
  22. Of all the islands on Earth, Taiwan is one of the most densely populated.
  23. In 1988, the Miss Universe pageant was held in Taiwan. Ironically, the local representative did not even make it to the semi-finals.
  24. The metro ticket offices of the capital offer free schemes in fifteen languages.
  25. The self-name of the indigenous population of the island is gaoshan.
  26. The total area of ​​the island is comparable to the area of ​​Belgium (interesting facts about Belgium).
  27. Taipei 101, or the Taipei Financial Center, is considered the second tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
  28. The first Taiwanese film was released in 1901. Cinematography is well developed here even now.
  29. In Taiwan, the number of registered SIM cards exceeds the number of residents.
  30. Army service here is compulsory for all citizens who have reached the age of 19. It lasts 2 years, and both men and women are liable for military service. The latter, however, usually take it not in military units, but in educational and medical institutions.
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