17 interesting facts about Wuhan

The Chinese city of Wuhan became known to the whole world in early 2020, when an epidemic of a new type of coronavirus broke out in it spread all over the world in just a few months. In fact, this is quite an ordinary metropolis, typical of China and representing a powerful industrial center.

Facts about Wuhan

  1. Every tenth Chinese car is produced in Wuhan factories.
  2. During World War II, Wuhan was captured by Japanese troops. In 1944, it was seriously damaged by American bombing.
  3. China has long been ruled by the Communist Party. But in 1967, Wuhan became the center of the counter-revolutionary movement
  4. In 876, an Orthodox church appeared here. Its building has survived to this day, but it no longer functions as a church.
  5. The area of ​​Wuhan reaches 8495 square kilometers.
  6. Wuhan has a population of 11 million.
  7. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Wuhan was -18.1 degrees.
  8. Usually, even in winter, in January and February, the air temperature here is slightly above zero.
  9. Since Wuhan is surrounded by lakes and swamps, you can only drive out of it by dams (interesting facts about lakes ).
  10. In the distant past, it was here that trade caravans were formed, traveling along the Great Silk Road to the west.
  11. Three centuries ago, Wuhan was one of the main trading centers of the Chinese Empire.
  12. Located at the confluence of three rivers, the city is divided into three parts, which are interconnected by bridges.
  13. The Huanghelou Tower, also known as the Yellow Crane Tower, is the oldest building in Wuhan. It was built in 223, which is almost 1800 years ago!
  14. The tallest building in Wuhan is the high-tech and environmentally friendly skyscraper Wuhan Greenland Center with a height of 636 meters. It has as many as 125 floors and is one of the tallest buildings in China (interesting facts about China).
  15. Located in the geographical center of China, the city is called the “highway of the nine provinces”, as many paths pass through it, land. railway and river.
  16. Of all the cities in Central China, Wuhan is the most densely populated.
  17. Despite all the efforts of the authorities, traffic jams here are terrible, and every day.
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