17 interesting facts about zucchini

A plant like zucchini has long been included in cookbooks in many countries of the world. Many delicious dishes are prepared from zucchini, which are also highly useful. The variety of foods that this vegetable is used in is amazing – there are independent dishes, and countless side dishes.

Interesting facts about zucchini

  1. Some of them can be eaten directly raw, as an ingredient in salads.
  2. The younger the zucchini, the tastier they are. Old fruits have a less intense taste.
  3. Botanically, zucchini are related to pumpkins (interesting facts about pumpkins).
  4. Mexico is the birthplace of zucchini. The locals ate them even before the arrival of the conquistadors, however, they did not eat the vegetables themselves, but only their seeds.
  5. In the French and Greek national cuisine there are dishes made from zucchini flowers.
  6. The largest zucchini in the world was grown in 1998. He weighed over 61 kg.
  7. Due to their low calorie content, these vegetables are often included in many different diets.
  8. Regular consumption of zucchini slows down the process of graying hair.
  9. In cosmetology, masks made from crushed squash pulp are popular. They nourish and moisturize the skin well.
  10. After being brought to Europe in the 16th century, zucchini was grown exclusively for decorative purposes for a long time.
  11. They differ in tenderness, in the sense that they are easily damaged. And zucchini with damaged skin quickly deteriorates even in the refrigerator.
  12. 100 g of zucchini contains only about 25-27 kilocalories.
  13. They also have a high content of vitamin C, although they taste quite not sour.
  14. In the world, no one has ever been allergic to zucchini.
  15. Many types of zucchini can be harvested a month and a half after sowing their seeds. Unless, of course, the conditions are favorable.
  16. The inhabitants of Italy were the first to guess to eat the zucchini themselves, and not their seeds or flowers (interesting facts about Italy).
  17. Botanists claim that, like a pumpkin, a squash is, strictly speaking, a berry.
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