100 interesting facts about Finland

Most people associate Finland with saunas and Santa Claus. Almost every Finnish citizen has a sauna at home. This is a national tradition, the same as reindeer breeding, the use of natural fur and leather. In Finland, there is an official residence of Santa Claus, who receives letters from all over the world. Finland is rich in forests, mountains and lakes. At the same time, you need to be prepared for a humid and cold climate, because this is a northern country. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and surprising facts about Finland.

1. The basis of Finnish life is sport and food.

2. The Finns use only the “buffet” at all solemn events.

3. Most Finns are surprised when they are asked about the buffet.

4. Finns don’t like Switzerland.

5. Russia is also among the top three countries that Finns dislike.

6. Finns can drink more than ten cups of coffee during the day.

7. The working day in Finland usually lasts until 16.00.

8. Cold cuts, sausages, sausages and pasta are the favorite dishes of Finns.

9. Finns love to cook soups based on sausages, carrots, potatoes and onions.

10. Finns cook only one soup based on sausages.

11. Finns cook fish soup based on milk.

12. Finns determine its fat content by the color of a carton of milk.

13. A German supermarket is considered the cheapest store in Finland.

14. In a cheap store, you can find frequent discounts on products that are coming to an end.

15. Separately from all products in Finland, high-quality, but expensive alcohol is sold.

16. Finns know how to make the most delicious ice cream in the world.

17. Finns do not spare money for sweets and therefore make large portions of ice cream.

18. In Finland, you can buy a small and salty watermelon.

19. The Finns always indicate the percentage of fish meat in the production of fish cakes.

20. Finnish stores sell Soviet fish in tomato sauce without tails and eyes.

21. In Finland, you can buy condensed milk, sprats and squash caviar, well-known to us since childhood.

22. Finns eat jam with meat or porridge.

23. Finns eat bread only with butter.

24. Finns don’t know what to do with condensed milk.

25. Even small children in Finland love fast food.

26. The Finns make their little children wear diapers around the clock.

27. Local gas stations are a favorite place for entertainment for older Finnish children.

28. Finns very rarely use mayonnaise when cooking.

29. Children are allowed to eat enough of whatever they like.

30. When a child catches a cold in the throat, Finnish parents wait until everything passes by itself.

31. Buran is a universal pill used by Finns to treat minor illnesses.

32. A mixture of samba and aerobics is a favorite form of fitness among Finns.

33. Finns of all ages and genders love to spend their free time in fitness clubs.

34. Nordic walking with sticks is a favorite sport for Finns.

35. In Finnish clubs, it is impossible to find such a type of relaxation as yoga.

36. Sauna, church and cemetery are the main places to visit at Christmas.

37. The Finnish church has a simple design with few icons.

38. A woman can be a priest in the Finnish church.

39. Rice porridge, baked pork leg, vinaigrette, jelly and casserole are the main Christmas dishes.

40. Wine and beer are Finns’ favorite drinks.

41. Finnish children love to drink lemonade.

42. Every Finnish house has a sauna.

43. Finding inner peace is the meaning of Finnish Christmas.

44. Finns prepare for Christmas in a special way.

45. At Christmas, Finns give home accessories.

46. On New Year’s Eve, tin horseshoes are set on fire for good luck.

47. Beer and pizza are the main New Year’s dishes.

48. Finns are very fond of using various fireworks and firecrackers on New Year’s Eve.

49. The day of traditional roller-skating falls on January 6.

50. Finns throw away all Christmas trees on January 6th.

51. Ski holidays start at the end of February in every Finnish school.

52. Finns love to spend their winter holidays skiing.

53. The main meaning of Finnish life is constant competition.

54. From an early age, Finnish children are brought up in a constant spirit of competition and victory.

55. Finns are always busy with something and don’t go out just like that.

56. Finns like to actively spend their free time.

57. Healthy Lifestyle is a compulsory subject in every Finnish school.

58. Pupils have the opportunity to try all musical instruments in music lessons.

59. Also in Finnish schools they study the foundations of world religions.

60. Parents are easy on the early sexual development of their children.

61. At the age of eighteen, every Finnish teenager gets his own apartment for rent from the state.

62. A Finnish child at the age of 15 can have his own vehicle.

63. Teenagers love to come on a date on a tractor.

64. Every Finnish family has at least two cars.

65. Finns mostly choose German-made cars.

66. Finnish families are characterized by the same type of kitchen utensils, which are bought in only two stores.

67. Finns love to give something from dishes or home accessories for the holidays.

68. Sports or household items are the best gifts for Finns.

69. Even wealthy Finns can buy things secondhand.

70. Finns have a lot of fun talking about energy.

71. Finns can even wear things with holes.

72. Finnish brands are the locals’ favorites.

73. Tracksuits are the favorite type of clothing for Finns.

74. Finns are characterized by reliability, practicality and convenience in everything.

75. It is difficult to find beautiful and sexy clothes for women in Finnish stores.

76. Today Finns have more respect for other world cultures.

77. Utilities are the most expensive in Finland.

78. Even wealthy Finns save water.

79. Finns wash very quickly to save water.

80. Finns are a very frugal people.

81. They are used to protecting both their own and other people’s property.

82. Most Finnish women choose African men.

83. On the streets of Finland you can meet Russians, Somalis and Turks.

84. They compare the Russian alphabet with the Japanese alphabet, which is very difficult for them.

85. Finns are very sociable people.

86. Finns are very fond of talking a lot.

87. Finns can tell a stranger everything about their family and their life.

88. Family, sports, work are the main topics of conversation in Finland.

89. Finns are indifferent to art.

90. They do not like silence, so they always turn on the TV or radio in the house.

91. Finns don’t like to crossroads.

92. Chocolate, strawberries and cucumbers are the favorite foods of Finns.

93. Finns support the local hockey and football team.

94. Moose, wolves and birds are the main actors in television news.

95. All films and programs on local Finnish television are in their original language only.

96. In Finland, a special kind of red cows are bred.

97. Finnish and Swedish are the official languages ​​of Finland.

98. The cleanest water in the world is in Finland.

99. Mobile phone throwing competitions are held in Finland.

100. Education is free for everyone in Finland.

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