100 interesting facts about Cuba

Most people associate Cuba with the mafia, cigars, tequila and spicy Mexican food. At the same time, it is here that you can soak up the white-sand beaches and swim in the perfectly clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Cuba is a paradise for tourists looking for a relaxing and unforgettable vacation. In Cuba, you can enjoy the culture and customs of the locals, see unique architectural monuments. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and amazing facts about Cuba.

1. Cubans love to give compliments to passers-by.

2. For girls, Cuba is completely safe, because there are no aggressive people there.

3. Crime is low in Cuba.

4. Denim shorts are the favorite clothing of women living in Cuba.

5. Cuba has a very weak education system.

6. Cubans do not welcome mixed marriages.

7. Most of all, the inhabitants of Cuba prefer dogs, so almost every family has this animal.

8. Keeping a purebred dog in Cuba is a rage.

9. Cuba is distinguished by a high level medicine.

10. Medical care in this state is completely free, including the provision of dental services.

11. In Cuba, all goods are bought using cards.

12. Mobile communications are expensive in Cuba.

13. The brown cane sugar that Cubans grow is endowed with a special piquancy.

14. Cats in Cuba live near the garbage dump, because they are not loved there.

15. Most of the houses in Cuba do not have glass.

16. Cuba was discovered by the explorer Columbus.

17. Cubans can start a conversation even with a stranger, because sociability is their forte.

18. There is no paid education in this state.

19. Cuban residents are distinguished by cleanliness.

20. Despite the fact that Cuba is very hot, walking down the street with wet armpits is considered a terrible sight there.

21. Cuban girls have the sexiest walk, which appears as early as 10 years old.

22. There is no high-speed Internet in Cuba.

23. Seafood is not sold in Cuba because it is prohibited.

24. It is forbidden to use electrical appliances in Cuba.

25. In the process of entering a higher education institution in Cuba, you must pass three exams: Spanish, mathematics and history of Cuba.

26. Cuba supplies its medical workers to Third World countries.

27. Most Cubans work for the state.

28. In Cuba, milk is given free of charge to children under 6 years of age.

29. There is no central hot water supply in this country, so you have to wash yourself under cold water.

30. Each resident of Cuba has the right to issue 1 SIM card.

31. When it is raining outside, you will not meet Cubans there.

32. It is impossible to meet a drunk person on the streets of Cuba.

33. Television channels that are broadcast in Cuba do not have advertising.

34. The most favorite sport of Cubans is baseball.

35. This state is famous for its quality cigarettes.

36. The ballet school in Cuba is one of the most respected in the world.

37. Cuba is subject to the most dangerous cyclone attacks.

38. In Cuba, the Virgin Mary is the conqueror.

39. Cuban girls celebrate their 15th birthday on a grand scale.

40. Cuban plates for a car are endowed with different colors, it all depends on the ownership of the owner.

41. There are 2 national currencies in Cuba.

42. Oil is produced in Cuba.

43. Cuba is famous for its patriarchal family structure.

44. Various vacations apart from her husband are considered absurd by Cubans.

45. Every Cuban knows how to dance from birth.

46. The highway and the railway are present in Cuba and stretch along the entire length of the island.

47. Men living in Cuba watch their appearance.

48. In Cuba, it is customary to protect yourself only if you are in contact with a stranger.

49. Since 1959, the official name of Cuba has appeared, which sounds like the Island of Freedom.

50. Abortions are often performed in Cuba, because protection with a loved one is distrust.

51. Cubans live leisurely.

52. This state includes 4,000 small and medium-sized islands.

53. Cuba is the most populous island nation located in the Caribbean.

54. The official language of Cubans is Spanish.

55. In 1898, Cuba became independent.

56. Pico Turquino is considered the highest point in Cuba.

57. Cuba is the 104th state in terms of area.

58. More than 10% of the inhabitants of Cuba are black people.

59. There is a protected area on the territory of Cuba.

60. A huge number of tourists come to Cuba from Canada and Europe.

61. Cubans are not allowed to slaughter their own livestock.

62. Cubans live longer than Americans.

63. More than 2 million people annually visit the sights of Cuba.

64. In ancient times, there was an epidemic in Cuba, the peddler of which is considered a mosquito.

65. Cauto is the longest river in Cuba.

66. Plants and animals that are deadly to humans are absent in Cuba.

67. Cuba is one of the 2 countries in the world where cola is not sold.

68. Cuba known to the world for its white sand.

69. All Cuban government vehicles must pick up hitchhikers.

70. Until 2008, the use of mobile phones was banned in Cuba.

71. The United States pays dollars annually to Cuba for renting Guantanamo Bay.

72. Only 5% of Cubans have access to the Internet.

73. On average, people in Cuba live up to 77 years.

74. Julián del Casal, poet of Cuba, died of laughter.

75. Until now, Cubans have saved a lot of electricity.

76. Cuban men are handsome from nature.

77. Sugar, which is extracted in Cuba, is moist and has the smell of mash.

78. Cubans during a cyclone sit in the family circle and absorb goodies.

79. In Cuba, Catholicism is considered the most common religion.

80. There are a lot of doctors in Cuba.

81. Cuba is famous for its huge number of beaches.

82. Beach the area of ​​Varadero, which is in Cuba, is the most beautiful on Earth.

83. Cuba has a rather diverse cuisine.

84. The full name of this state is the Republic of Cuba.

85. In 1961, illiteracy was virtually eliminated in Cuba.

86. Cuba has only one mobile operator.

87. Cuba is the birthplace of the bee hummingbird.

88. Tourists in Cuba should only be wary of the Cuban crocodile.

89. If a Cuban wears sandals on his bare feet, this indicates his unconventional orientation.

90. Pensioners living in Cuba are active.

91. Blinds are used instead of glass on the windows in Cuba.

92. Cubans call their the island of El Cocodrilo.

93. Besides salsa, Cuba is famous for its ballet.

94. Cubans’ favorite dish is a mixture of black beans and rice.

95. In Cuba, there are many more whites than blacks.

96. Geography, chemistry and biology in Cuba are combined into a single subject.

97. In the province of Guantanamo, located in Cuba, there are a prison for criminals.

98. Oil deposits were found on the beach of Varadero, located in Cuba.

99. From 1959 to 2008, Fidel Castro led the state. It’s almost half a century.

100. Discotheques in Cuba are non-stop fun.

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