100 interesting facts about Thailand

Thailand attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. This is an amazing and not fully explored country. Fans of cultural recreation will like historical monuments, unique temples and chiseled architecture. Also here you can find a relaxing holiday on the white sandy beaches. Untouched nature and exotic animals, unique traditional food and culture of local people captivate from the first minutes. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and unique facts about Thailand.

1. Thailand is a state of free people.

2. The capital of Thailand means “city of angels”.

3. King of Thailand is considered the longest ruler of modern years.

4. Thailand is the most depraved state.

5. The people of Thailand call their country the state of smiles.

6. All those who live in Thailand are distinguished by friendliness.

7. Until 1913, the Thais did not have surnames.

8. In Thailand, they use an ordinary Buddhist calendar.

9. An energy drink called “Red Bull” appeared in this country for the first time.

10. Thailand is considered the world’s rice exporter.

11. The smallest animal, which is called pig-nosed bat, found only in Thailand.

12. Siamese cats first appeared in Thailand.

13. The most respected part of the body of Thais is the head.

14. Only relatives have the right to touch the head of Thais.

15. The names of dead people in Thailand are written only in red.

16. A popular type of entertainment in Thailand is a fish fight.

17. In this state, only officials and elephants receive a pension.

18. The expression “boom-boom” Thais are considered an offer of sex.

19. Military service in this state exists for everyone who has reached the age of 18.

20. Thailand has never been colonized in the entire history of this country.

21. Thailand is considered a kingdom.

22. The people of Thailand believe in sacred souls that live in people’s heads.

23. Thais are the most religious Asian nation.

24. In Thailand, having offended the members of the monarch’s family, they end up in prison.

25. The Thai king is considered an American citizen.

26. The Thais simply do not have the concept of “starve”.

27. The Thai alphabet is considered the longest in the world.

28. Residents of Thailand know how to smile depending on the status of the interlocutor and the situation.

29. In the hairdressers of Thailand, before cutting, they massage their head.

30. In this state, Wednesday is considered an unfavorable day for important events and acquisitions.

31. Thai officials have rings with stones on their hands.

32. Little children who live in Thailand do not cry when they fall.

33. Thais like to swim in clothes.

34. Incandescent lamps, which are familiar to us, are not available in Thailand.

35. Thailand is considered the 2nd country in the world in terms of the number of pickups.

36. Thai school students must wear their own specific uniform.

37. Before watching a movie in the cinema, Thailand plays the national anthem.

38. Thai people prefer to eat strawberries with pepper, juices with salt, and noodles with sugar.

39. About 95% of Thai creams have a whitening effect.

40. Thai train conductors make the beds of passengers with their own hands.

41. It is not customary to walk drunk on the streets of Thailand.

42. Thai men and women should not have bare torso.

43. There is a college for monkeys in the town of Suratthani, Thailand.

44. Approximately 30,000 Buddhist temples exists in Thailand.

45. The anthem of Thailand is performed to the music of a Russian composer.

46. The princess of Thailand was a Russian woman.

47. If you believe the Thai people, then Siamese cats make a happy marriage.

48. Thai people do not like it when they are served something with their left hand.

49. About 400 thousand foreigners visit hospitals in Thailand.

50. Thai people like to build their own houses and do business.

51. The white elephant is the main symbol of Thailand.

52. Small lizards in Thailand are frequent guests in the evenings.

53. Men who live in Thailand change their spouses if they suddenly become scary and old.

54. Thais like white-skinned people, but they are afraid of blacks.

55. Cheese in this state is quite expensive.

56. Thailand has a population of 60 million.

57. Thailand is the Asian champion in the number of street scales.

58. Tap water is not drunk in Thailand.

59. Thai policemen have tight trousers and tight shirts.

60. Cow’s milk is not drunk in Thailand.

61. Thai people don’t like screaming.

62. People respect the king of Thailand because he has only one wife.

63. The dogs that are in Thailand can lie wherever they want.

64. Buddha figurines and sculptures are forbidden to be exported from Thailand.

65. Indigenous people of Thailand rarely become transsexuals.

66. Foreigners, apart from Asians, are called farangs in Thailand.

67. In Thailand, if a person is a foreigner, then strong drugs can be sold to him without a prescription.

68. Thais living near the road can park cars right in the living room.

69. Thai people take great care of their own hygiene.

70. The territory occupied by Thailand is the same size as France.

71. Thais have a lucky number. This is 9.

72. 2 New Years are celebrated in this state.

73. If a woman living in this country does not marry before the age of 30, then she is an old maid.

74. A Thai woman should not touch a monk.

75. In Thailand, a woman is allowed to go to entertainment establishments only with a man.

76. Russia before Thailand has a public debt for the supply of rice.

77. In Thailand, the first underwater wedding ceremony was held.

78. Cockfighting is respected by Thais.

79. All cats in Thailand are only Siamese.

80. To this day, it is indecent to use a fork in the process of eating food in this country.

81. Thailand is considered the world’s supplier of rubber.

82. This country is the 5th in the list of car manufacturers.

83. A rare bird lives in Thailand.

84. Thai residents do not eat dogs, larvae and beetles.

85. Housing is cheap in this state.

86. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is surrounded by a huge number of toll roads.

87. There is an organization for homosexuals in Thailand.

88. Mobile communications are inexpensive in Thailand.

89. The largest museum in Thailand is the “Ancient City”.

90. Thai residents prefer to drive rather than walk.

91. Raising your voice is not allowed in this state.

92. Thailand is sometimes referred to as the country of the white elephant.

93. On the shores of Thailand there is a long fish that reaches 12 meters.

94. Thailand is 51- 95.Thailand has the longest podium in the world.

96. Thailand’s highest point is Mount Doi Ind Hanon.

97. The capital of Thailand has long been called the “Venice of the East”.

98. The longest snake in the world is the reticulated python, which lives in Thailand.

99. The monitor lizard is the largest lizard on Earth, lives in Thailand.

100. Fish live in the reservoirs of Thailand a, who can climb a tree.

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