100 interesting facts about Saudi Arabia

1. Women have no rights in Saudi Arabia.

2. Saudi Arabia has the death penalty.

3. A bottle of whiskey in Saudi Arabia will cost about $300.

4. Saudi Arabia is largely a desert state.

5. Humidity in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia exceeds 100% at a temperature of 45 degrees.

6. Despite the fact that the incomes of the people of Saudi Arabia are quite large, they ride in old cars manufactured in the 70s.

7. In Saudi Arabia, you can often see a picture when a dad is driving a car with a baby on hands.

8. There are no stray animals in this state.

9. People in Saudi Arabia don’t keep pets at home.

10. People in Saudi Arabia can’t swim.

11. Saudi Arabia’s Internet pages are carefully moderated, and pornographic sites are generally closed.

12. Saudi Arabia is one of the most polluted states. There is garbage there both on the beach and on the roadsides.

13. In Saudi Arabia, children live with their parents, while the son provides for old relatives.

14. Christmas trees: neither artificial nor real.

15. Arabs prefer to talk on the phone for a long time.

16. Birthdays are not celebrated in Saudi Arabia.

17. Residents of Saudi Arabia pray about 6 times a day.

18. In Saudi Arabia, all houses have satellite dishes.

19. The favorite game of all the inhabitants of this country is football.

20. In Saudi Arabia, a good attitude towards Europeans, but they hate the Jewish nation.

21. There are several gestures that are considered purely Saudi.

22. On weekends, the people of Saudi Arabia gather with their families on the waterfront, having a picnic.

23. There is no public transport in Saudi Arabia.

24. Approximately 30% of Saudis have a disease such as diabetes.

25. Saudi are not used to working, at the birth of a baby they are given almost a million dollars.

26. Because of the insurmountable in the heat, the Saudis stay at home during the day, and only go out at night.

27. Christianity is not followed in Saudi Arabia.

28. Saudi Arabia public toilets are endowed with a hose with water, thanks to which you can wash.

29. Saudi Arabia is one of the most closed countries in the world.

30. Women living in Saudi Arabia are prohibited from driving.

31. Saudi women wear specific clothes – abayas.

32. A person who has violated traffic rules in Saudi Arabia, faces a huge fine.

33. In Saudi Arabia, there is a rule of “right hand”. They don’t do anything with their left hand.

34. Girls and boys in Saudi Arabia study separately from each other.

35. There are 2 sections in restaurants in Saudi Arabia: for singles and for families people.

36. It is quite common for this country that brothers do not know the spouses of their own relatives, especially other brothers.

37. You can get the death penalty for drugs there.

38. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in Saudi Arabia.

39. Executions and beheadings in Saudi Arabia every Friday.

40. In Saudi Arabia there are not only ordinary police, but also religious ones.

41. Friday is a sacred day there.

42. Saudi Arabia has the cheapest fuel.

43. Men from Saudi Arabia have elongated nails.

44. Women from Saudi Arabia put on too noticeable makeup.

45. There are no fitting rooms in the shopping centers of this state.

46. In Saudi Arabia, people usually swim dressed, especially women.

47. Indians clean the streets in Saudi Arabia.

48. Rain in Saudi Arabia is considered rain.

49. The key entertainment of the Saudis is car racing.

50. Arabs can resemble kids because they prefer to ask passers-by about the forbidden.

51. Despite the taboo, girls in Saudi Arabia somehow manage to sleep with men before marriage.

52. There are houses for visits in Saudi Arabia.

53. New Year holidays in Saudi Arabia mean nothing, they are not celebrated there.

54. It is forbidden to photograph Saudis.

55. Traffic jams often occur in the desert of Saudi Arabia, sometimes they reach 5 rows.

56. Arabs are very fond of cooking delicious dishes.

57. After driving a taxi to the store, the Saudis do not even open the door, because Indians run up to them and write down the order.

58. In Saudi Camels are found everywhere in Arabia.

59. There are no taxes in this state.

60. Men and women in Saudi Arabia celebrate weddings separately from each other.

61. Public entertainment in Saudi Arabia is completely prohibited.

62. Saudi Arabia is the first state in which oil was found.

63. The price of gasoline in this state is lower than water.

64. 70% of the territory of the Arabian Peninsula is occupied by Saudi Arabia.

65. Not a single river flows in Saudi Arabia.

66. The flag of this country is not flown at half mast during mourning.

67. Principalities occupied the territory of Saudi Arabia in ancient times.

68. Saudi Arabia has the tallest building in the world.

69. Most of the people who are used as labor force in Saudi Arabia are foreign citizens.

70. In terms of population, Saudi Arabia is almost 6 times larger than Bangladesh.

71. Saudi Arabia is trying to build a “six economic cities”.

72. In the summer, the air temperature in Saudi Arabia rises above 60 degrees.

73. Marriage ties with young children are common in Saudi Arabia.

74. Employers in Saudi Arabia have every right to harass female employees.

75. Saudi women do not work.

76. Saudis meet with the help of relatives.

77. Previously, only men worked in lingerie stores in Saudi Arabia and women protested against this.

78. Saudi Arabia has a huge amount of poisonous plants and insects.

79. The population of Saudi Arabia is growing rapidly.

80. Poultry dishes are widely consumed in this state.

81. Families in Saudi The Arabians are very large and usually include several generations.

82. In Saudi Arabia, each family brews coffee in its own way.

83. Candied fruits are used instead of sugar in this country.

84. It is forbidden to touch anyone without permission in Saudi Arabia.

85. In this state, the greeting of family members is accompanied by kisses on both cheeks.

86. Saudi Arabia is the only state in which the spread of women’s sports is suppressed.

87. This is a country where it is forbidden to build churches.

88. In Saudi Arabia, polygamy is a common phenomenon.

89. Saudi women who report rape to the police do not receive support from the authorities.

90. The first oil in Saudi Arabia was found in 1938.

91. The speed of a car in the city in Saudi Arabia should not exceed 100 km per hour.

92. Saudi Arabia is a kingdom.

93. Girls who have reached the age of ten in Saudi Arabia have the right to marry.

94. Saudi Arabia is sometimes called the “country of two mosques”.

95. The departure of a woman from Saudi Arabia without the permission of the father or husband is strictly prohibited.

96. In Saudi Arabia, medicine is paid, but for Saudis it is a penny.

97. Traditional food of Saudi Arabia is distinguished by the presence of a large number of spices.

98. They treat foreign mercenaries with disdain.

99. Camels were brought to Saudi Arabia from North America.

100. Saudi Arabia is a state rstvo, where autocracy is not limited.

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