100 interesting facts about Turkmenistan

1. Turkmenistan has only one mobile operator.

2. Turkmenistan celebrates 33 holidays.

3. Turkmenistan managed to pass a law, according to which, legitimizing relations with Turkmen, it was necessary to deposit 50,000 dollars to the state account.

4. Women living in Turkmenistan put on a lot of silver on their wedding day.

5. Bread is considered sacred food in Turkmenistan and salt.

6. Residents of Turkmenistan respect mothers and fathers.

7. When driving near a cemetery in this state, it is recommended to turn off the music.

8. Turkmenistan is the second state in terms of natural gas reserves.

9. The only carpet museum is in this country.

10. Turkmenistan is the only state where you do not have to pay for utilities.

11. This state is rich in valuables, which are prohibited from being taken out of the territory of Turkmenistan.

12. Wolfhounds of Turkmenistan are a national treasure.

13. Turkmenistan dishes contain a small amount of vegetables.

14. For a long time, the Turkmens were divided into tribes.

15. Turkmenistan now has both new and old banknotes in circulation.

16. Cash The unit of Turkmenistan is the manat.

17. Many health camps are built every year in Turkmenistan.

18. Turkmens are the only people who do not eat horse meat.

19. The Turkmen Horse Festival is a holiday celebrated on the last Sunday of April.

20. The Karakum Desert is located in Turkmenistan.

21. Turkmenistan, despite the visa regime, is a tourist state.

22. The people of Turkmenistan call their country sacred.

23. There is only one language in this country – Turkmen.

24. There are no prohibitions in Turkmenistan regarding the clothing of the population.

25. A huge number of varieties of soups are prepared in Turkmenistan, you can’t find such types anywhere else.

26. The visa policy of Turkmenistan is very inconvenient for residents of other states.

27. Black caviar and fish are not allowed to export from Turkmenistan.

28. The Internet is limited in Turkmenistan.

29. The inhabitants of Turkmenistan are distinguished by hospitality and goodwill.

30. The main in Turkmen families are men.

31. The national emblem of Turkmenistan was adopted only in 2003.

32. Religious and political motives were not taken into account when creating the flag of Turkmenistan.

33. This state has an ancient history and identity.

34. The president of Turkmenistan is elected for a term of 5 years.

35. Saparmurat Niyazov is the first president for life of Turkmenistan.

36. The first 2 Internet cafes opened in Turkmenistan in 2007.

37. A gas crater with titled “The Gates of Hell” – it is a famous landmark of Turkmenistan. Gas has been burning there since 1971.

38. Horses of the Akhal-Teke breed are considered the property of Turkmenistan.

39. Even on the coat of arms of Turkmenistan there are horses.

40. Along with ordinary domestic animals, ostriches roam in Turkmenistan.

41. Inhabitants of Turkmenistan always create their hairstyles, depending on their age.

42. Turkmenistan is considered the least studied country located on the territory of Central Asia.

43. The flag of Turkmenistan is green.

44. The five stars that are on the flag of Turkmenistan are the five regions of the country.

45. Kugitang, located on the territory of Turkmenistan, is the most extraordinary place. This is a kind of Jurassic Park.

46. Exhibitions, holidays, shows and competitions are dedicated to Akhal-Teke horses in Turkmenistan.

47. Carpet is considered the most famous brand of Turkmenistan.

48. When a child is born in Turkmenistan, it is imperative to weave a carpet.

49. The groom’s mother in Turkmenistan must give her future daughter-in-law two soldered hearts.

50. Jewellery art is considered popular in Turkmenistan.

51. The most revered barbecue in Turkmenistan is the one made from goat meat.

52. Pilaf is the most popular dish among the people of Turkmenistan.

53. Full accessibility and ease of preparation are characteristic features of the cuisine of Turkmenistan.

54. The cuisine of Turkmenistan is similar to Tajik.

55. In Turkmenistan, weddings are held a comic ceremony of fighting bridesmaids for the headdress of the future wife.

56. Every resident of Turkmenistan respects his Motherland.

57. In the vast expanses of Turkmenistan, even now you can find a yurt.

58. For Turkmens, music is their life.

59. Turkmenistan is one of the safest countries in Asia.

60. Some areas of Turkmenistan are closed to foreign visitors.

61. Prices in Turkmenistan are strictly fixed.

62. There are practically no thieves in the villages of Turkmenistan.

63. Ashgabat, which is located in Turkmenistan, is translated as the “City of Love”.

64. In 1948, Ashgabat was destroyed by an earthquake, and about 110 thousand Turkmen died at that moment.

65. In ancient times, the city of Merv, which is on the territory of Turkmenistan, was considered the largest Asian town.

66. Turkmen have many holidays, for example, in honor of the birth of a baby or the construction of a house, in honor of the appearance of the first tooth or circumcision.

67. All holidays in Turkmenistan are colorful.

68. There are a lot of jewelry on the Turkmen costume.

69. Spring is considered the most favorable season in Turkmenistan.

70. It is cold at night in Turkmenistan even in summer.

71. If a child in Turkmenistan was born in rainy weather, then he was usually called Yagmyr.

72. Eid al-Adha is an important Muslim holiday for Turkmens, everyone has fun on this day.

73. Turkmen outfits distinguish between women’s and girl’s headdresses.

74. The people of Turkmenistan are very careful about the traditions of their own state.

75. Melon is a special product in Turkmenistan, because it is a symbol of diligence and skill.

76. In 1994, in Melon holiday appeared in Turkmenistan.

77. Dagdan is a tree of Turkmenistan that grows only near the mountains.

78. There is Chandyr valley in Turkmenistan.

79. A very popular activity in Turkmenistan is the creation of wooden utensils.

80. The plateau of dinosaurs, which is located in Turkmenistan, has a length of 400 meters.

81. Since ancient times, the Turkmens had a snake cult.

82. In terms of its territory, Turkmenistan occupies 4 th place among the CIS countries.

83. Lake Kara-Bogaz-Gol, located in Turkmenistan, is the most saline.

84. The Internet domain of Turkmenistan is considered a tidbit in the world of all domains.

85. Turkmen brides have the largest number of silver items.

86. Ashgabat is not only the capital of Turkmenistan, but also the hottest city in the world.

87. Turkmenistan has a peculiar fauna, where most animals are nocturnal.

88. Turkmenistan is considered an agrarian-industrial state.

89. Firuza is the best resort place in Turkmenistan.

90. Turkmenistan has a compulsory insurance system.

91. Turkmen residents pay 2% of their salary for insurance.

92. To the feelings of a young couple in Turkmenistan they are loyal.

93. Before legitimizing their relationship, the Turkmen create a material base.

94. The burden of caring for children and families in Turkmenistan lies on the shoulders of a man.

95. In Turkmenistan, bridesmaids come to the wedding with treats.

96. The parents of the bride at the Turkmen wedding should give the children an expensive and large gift.

97. Turkmenistan has large reserves natural gas.

98.Turkmenistan has a huge network of gas pipelines.

99.Turkmen have a particularly developed spirit of family ties.

100.Turkmen have no honor pus place.

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