100 interesting facts about the Dominican Republic

1. In some pharmacy kiosks in the Dominican Republic, you can buy nails and a hammer.

2. Red-eyed iguanas live only in the Dominican Republic.

3. A Dominican motorcycle can fit about 6 people.

4. Early marriages in the Dominican Republic are allowed, but with the consent of adults.

5. Residents of the Dominican Republic, who are 5 years old, can already read and write.

6. A new style of music was created in the Dominican Republic – merengue.

7. The anthem of the Dominican Republic is performed by a whole orchestra.

8. The Dominican Republic is the world’s main exporter of tobacco products.

9. There is a Bible on the flag of the Dominican Republic.

10. The Dominican Republic is considered the state of music and dance in the rumba style

11. The Dominican Republic has the largest number of ethnic groups. There are about 18 of them there.

12. Most Dominican residents are overweight.

13. Mannequins in Dominican shops are also full.

14. Abortion is officially banned in the Dominican Republic.

15. Patriarchy operates in Dominican families, so spouses worship their husbands.

16. Residents of the Dominican Republic prefer to wear bright clothes that fit the body.

17. Dominican men wear T-shirts with rhinestones.

18. Almost all Dominicans have a pool at home, because that this shows the prosperity of the family.

19. Alcohol in this state is sold everywhere, even in pharmacy kiosks.

20. In rural areas of the Dominican Republic, people come up with names for the streets themselves.

21. The best baseball players were born in the Dominican Republic.

22. Dominicans make their own simulators out of concrete.

23. The Dominican Republic is a religious people, so the image of Christ is everywhere.

24. The locals of this state practically do not smoke, although they export tobacco.

25. The inhabitants of the Dominican Republic like to travel in public transport. They even manage to sit three people in one seat.

26. Cheap oysters are sold in the north of this state. Their cost is lower than for a lemon.

27. In the Dominican Republic, you can easily meet a woman in curlers on the street.

28. Dominicans are especially good with children, even if they are not their own.

29. Childhood in the Dominican Republic ends early.

30. Dominicans believe that they are descendants of the Indians.

31. Dominican iguana can easily rip open the belly of a goat.

32. In the Dominican Republic, there lives an awkward creature called the Cracktooth, which is capable of suffering from its own poison.

33. The Dominicans are a nation of liars.

34. Most of the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic cannot swim, even despite the fact that this state is surrounded by the ocean.

35. The Dominican Republic is distinguished by its originality.

36. Spanish is spoken in the Dominican Republic.

37. Lighthouse Columbus, which was built in the Dominican Republic in 1992, is the main attraction of the state.

38. The shapes and colors that are on the flag of the Dominican Republic are a symbol of patriotism.

39. Baseball is the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic.

40. Dominican cuisine is similar to African and Spanish.

41. The famous Dominican amber is mined in this state.

42. Dominican families are always large.

43. The military and police of the Dominican Republic do not take part in the election process.

44. Dominicans are cheerful and cheerful people.

45. It is very easy to get along with Dominicans, but it is difficult to part with them.

46. ​​Crocodile Lake, which is located on the territory of the Dominican Republic, is the saltiest lake in the world.

47. Pensions are not given in this state.

48. Old people living in the Dominican Republic, live at the expense of numerous relatives.

49. The Dominican Republic is considered a large supplier of cocoa.

50. The railways of the Dominican Republic stretch for 1500 km.

51. Dominicans have curly hair from birth.

52. Chickens in the Dominican Republic climb trees, escaping dogs in this way.

53. Gasoline at the gas stations of this state is measured in money.

54. Sea cows live on the shores of the Dominican Republic.

55. In the Dominican Republic, all duties related to children lie on the shoulders of a woman.

56. There are no traffic rules in this state.

57. The system of gestures remains popular in the Dominican Republic.

58. Dominicans are a pious people.

59. No one in the Dominican Republic is in a hurry, being 15 minutes late is the norm.

60. Dominicans can do pedicures and manicures while walking on a bench.

61. Dominicans are extremely curious.

62. The first entry in the Dominican primer is “mother loves me”.

63. Dominicans are used to driving in a car that plays loudly music.

64. The population of the Dominican Republic is approximately 10 million people.

65. Dominicans hang their laundry on rusty barbed wire.

66. Dominican graffiti is different from one that can be seen in Europe.

67. Dominican Republic can be considered a country of banks, because every locality has a banking institution.

68. Dominican oranges have a scary look.

69. Dominicans are extremely loving.

70. There is a speed limit on the roads of the Dominican Republic.

71. The useful sapote fruit, which is grown in the Dominican Republic, can change the composition of the blood and help recover from a serious illness.

72. All Dominican sweets have a sugary taste.

73. There are no breathalyzers in the Dominican Republic, so it is impossible to determine the degree of intoxication.

74. In the Dominican Republic, the relative concept of time.

75. Marrying a Dominican girl, a man will have to “marry” her entire relatives.

76. There are 2 types of gasoline in the Dominican Republic.

77. Dominicans do not know geography well.

78. For Dominicans, 5 minutes can last forever.

79. The Dominican Republic is the only state in the world where larimar is mined.

80. In the Dominican Republic, the month hangs upside down in winter.

81. The famous singer Shakira loves the Dominican Republic very much.

82. A lunch break in Dominican shops can last more than 2 hours.

83. Dominicans often lie.

84. Almost all Dominicans wear flip-flops.

85. The umbrella in the Dominican Republic is used as an item to protect from the sun, because the “rainy season” does not happen there.

86. Tea drinking culture neither in the Dominican Republic.

87. The Dominican Republic is a retail country because there are many supermarkets where you can buy goods in bulk.

88. Only 3 SIM cards can be issued for one passport in the Dominican Republic.

89. Dominicans drink coffee from plastic cups, which can only hold 20 ml.

90. Barbershop, where perm is done is very difficult to find in the Dominican Republic.

91. Mannequins in Dominican stores are endowed with 5 breast sizes.

92. A standard theme in the Dominican Republic is a call to the phone with the question “a who are you.”

93. In Dominican areas with evangelical inclinations, neither alcohol nor cigarettes are sold.

94. There are no institutions in the Dominican Republic that work around the clock.

95. In this country, after rain, flying ants may appear.

96. In the Dominican Republic, all drinks except coffee are served with ice.

97. In the sushi bars of this state there are rolls with chicken.

98. Dominican residents rarely see watches, they look at the time on the phone.

99. In the Dominican Republic, they issue a visa to America immediately for 10 years.

100. Residents of the Dominican Republic are very fond of being photographed, and they are photogenic chic.

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