22 interesting facts about Algeria

Located in North Africa, Algeria — a former colony of France, long since gained independence and has been following its own path ever since. Lacking some impressive mineral reserves like oil, this country has relied on tourism, becoming one of the main competitors of Egypt and Turkey in this area.

Interesting facts about Algeria

  1. It is the largest African state by area. Algeria became the champion after the southern and northern parts of Sudan declared independence from each other (interesting facts about Sudan).
  2. Algeria has a lake filled with natural ink suitable for writing. It’s all about the chemical reaction between the waters of the two rivers flowing into this reservoir – one of them carries peat particles, and the other is rich in iron compounds.
  3. In summer, local residents have to endure fifty-degree heat, and in winter, snow falls in some areas of the country.
  4. During the greeting, Algerians kiss two to four times – the main thing is that the number of kisses be even.
  5. Delicious mushrooms grow in Algeria, which cost a lot of money – white truffles.
  6. Most of Algeria (80% of the state’s land) is occupied by the Sahara desert (interesting facts about deserts).
  7. Although Algiers ceased to be a French colony more than 50 years ago, the locals continue to speak a mixture of Arabic and French, and also love baguettes.
  8. There is not a single Orthodox church in Algiers – the last church was closed due to lack of parishioners.
  9. Gasoline is very cheap in this country, so even the poorest families can afford a car.
  10. Previously, there were special houses in Algeria for fattening future brides, as local men prefer buxom women.
  11. For Algerian birthdays, guests come without gifts, but they pay for a feast and a birthday cake.
  12. The law allows Algerians to have up to 4 wives, but in reality most men one life partner is enough.
  13. In the Middle Ages, the French exported wax from Algeria.
  14. The Algiers Cathedral of Notre Dame de Afrique is an exact copy of the Church of Our Lady in Marseille.
  15. Algiers – one of the richest countries in Africa due to the oil and gas deposits discovered on its territory (interesting facts about Africa).
  16. The Algerian metro, launched in 2011. This subway became the second on the African continent after the Cairo metro.
  17. In Algeria, the guest is obliged to try the treat offered to him, otherwise the owners will consider him an arrogant rude.
  18. This is the first country in the Arab world where women received the ability to drive buses and taxis.
  19. The oldest architectural monument in Algeria is the ruins of the city of Tipas, built in the 6th century BC. The remains of buildings built at different times by the Byzantines, Phoenicians, Romans and early Christians have been preserved here.
  20. Algerian scientists have found that orange peels can be used to purify water.
  21. In the distant past, the Algerian sultan there was a famous pirate and Admiral Barbarossa.
  22. The French used Algiers for several years as a testing ground for nuclear weapons – in total, according to various sources, from 20 to 60 atomic charges of various capacities were blown up. The radiation level in the area where the tests were carried out has not yet returned to normal.
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