23 interesting facts about Mexico

Hot and hot Mexico — a country of quaint traditions and proud people. The courage of the Spanish conquistadors and the pride of the Indians mixed in the blood of the Mexicans, giving rise to an explosive cocktail. Mexicans are famous for their quick temper, and that is probably why it has been so restless here for many decades. But it is incredibly beautiful here, and the ancient relics of the Maya and other tribes will delight any traveler.

Interesting facts about Mexico

  1. The official name of the state is the United Mexican States.
  2. Mexicans — fans of spicy food, pepper is often added even to desserts, such as fruit salad or ice cream. A bag of pepper can be found in any bag of chips.
  3. Several beaches along the coast of Mexico are among the top ten places in the world for a beach holiday.
  4. In Mexico City, each subway station has not only a name, but also a special picture – this is how the authorities take care of citizens who cannot read.
  5. At birth, Mexicans receive not one, but 2 names at once – for example, Juan Pedro.
  6. On the streets of most cities traffic is one-way in Mexico.
  7. In Mexico, tricycles for adults are extremely popular, with two wheels placed in front of them.
  8. The border between Mexico and the United States is the second longest in the world.
  9. Mexicans prefer not to carry heavy things in their hands, but on the head.
  10. Mexico is second only to Brazil in the number of Catholics among its citizens (interesting facts about Brazil).
  11. The Mexican capital of Mexico City is the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. It was founded on the site of an ancient Aztec settlement destroyed by the Spaniards.
  12. Mexico is the only Latin American state to have hosted the Olympics twice.
  13. If the national alcoholic drink of Mexico, tequila, is evaporated for a very long time, you get a tiny diamond. This method of obtaining gems, however, is unreasonably expensive.
  14. According to legend, the Aztecs were supposed to build a settlement in the place where they see an eagle sitting on a cactus and eating a snake. This is the picture they supposedly saw when they got to Mexico. That’s why the Mexican flag still has an eagle on it.
  15. Mexicans eat snake meat. It is part of some traditional dishes.
  16. The tiniest dog on the planet, the Chihuahua, is named after the Mexican state.
  17. In Mexico, bullfighting is still popular, which was brought to the new continent by the Spanish conquistadors. Moreover, Mexico Plaza — the largest bullring on the planet.
  18. The entire territory of the country is located in a zone where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are possible (interesting facts about earthquakes).
  19. The ancestors of the Mexicans, the Aztecs, sacrificed from 10 to 50 thousand people a year. It is known that once an Aztec ruler sacrificed 12 thousand of his subjects to the gods in one day.
  20. The Mexicans invented chocolate.
  21. In the Mexican city of Santa Maria del Tule, a tree with the widest trunk grows in the world – its diameter exceeds 11.6 meters. According to the legend, it was planted by an Aztec priest more than 1400 years ago, and only now the tree has begun to gradually die due to a lack of moisture (interesting facts about trees).
  22. In Mexico there is a museum of mummies, whose exposition consists of human bodies mummified naturally. The collection of this creepy museum consists of more than a hundred mummies.
  23. KidZania Entertainment Centers — miniature cities where children can try their hand at various professions from a fireman to a scientist were invented in Mexico. This format has already acquired hundreds of imitators around the world.
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