18 interesting facts about Andorra

Principality of Andorra — one of the tiny European states sandwiched between powerful neighbors. However, size does not always matter, because all the dwarf states of Europe are very rich, and their inhabitants lead a well-fed and comfortable life. Andorra, located exactly between the French and Spanish lands, was no exception.

Interesting facts about Andorra

  1. The currency of Andorra is the euro, although the country is not part of the Eurozone.
  2. The population of the tiny principality speaks three languages ​​— Spanish, French and Catalan, although only the latter has official status. Education in elementary schools is conducted in one of these three languages ​​to choose from.
  3. There are no railways here.
  4. The capital of the country, Andorra la Vella — the highest capital city in Europe. The city is located at an altitude of just over one kilometer above sea level.
  5. Post in the country is free for everyone. They will ask for money only for sending a parcel abroad.
  6. There is no army in Andorra.
  7. The standard of living here — one of the highest not only in Europe, but throughout the world.
  8. In 1934, Russian adventurer Boris Skosyrev declared himself King of Andorra — Boris the First. True, the self-appointed monarch did not rule for long — The four gendarmes sent by the Spaniards promptly arrived and arrested the newly-baked ruler.
  9. There is not a single prison in Andorra. By the way, there is no crime here either.
  10. Lawyer activity in Andorra has been prohibited since 1864, since the law says that lawyers can «make black white».
  11. This country has never had its own currency. For collectors, however, collectible Andorran diners are produced.
  12. At one time, Andorra did not get into the Versailles Union, because the rulers of other European states simply forgot about it.
  13. In total, about 80 thousand people live in Andorra, and about 140 times more tourists come here — about 11 million people annually.
  14. There is not a single airport here.
  15. During the First World War, Andorra announced the start of hostilities against Germany, and then simply forgot about it. Officially, peace was concluded only in 1957, when this circumstance was suddenly discovered.
  16. In one of the Andorran cities there is a museum dedicated to Russian nesting dolls.
  17. Despite the tiny size of the country, 75 different types of ants.
  18. Principality of Andorra — the country is ancient, it is about one thousand two hundred years old. By the way, another European dwarf state, San Marino, has also existed for a very, very long time (interesting facts about San Marino).
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