13 interesting facts about Palau

If there is a real paradise in the world, then it is undoubtedly located here in the Republic of Palau. This country consists of several hundred islands and islets, overgrown with lush greenery. Life here flows quietly and measuredly, to the delight of the locals, and the rest here is truly incredible. The only pity is that it is quite expensive.

Interesting facts about Palau

  1. There is no public transport in Palau. Tourists are encouraged to rent a motorcycle or car, or travel by taxi.
  2. There is practically no crime in Palau.
  3. Palau — one of the youngest countries, it gained independence from the United States only in 1994. The official currency here is still the US dollar.
  4. Prices for the same services for tourists and for local residents here vary several times.
  5. Palau consists of 328 islands, but most of them are uninhabited.
  6. One of the natural wonders — Jellyfish Lake, where these creatures multiplied uncontrollably, having no natural enemies, and lost the ability to defend. In total, more than two million jellyfish live in the lake, that is, an average of two per cubic meter of water.
  7. The climate here is one of the best on the planet — all year round the air temperature here is from 25 to 30 degrees, give or take.
  8. The population of the whole country — only about 21 thousand, and it practically does not change from year to year.
  9. English and Palauan have the status of the official language here. Most of the population speaks Palauan.
  10. Spanish navigators called these islands «Enchanted», because due to storms and strong headwinds, they could not reach them, although they tried repeatedly.
  11. More than one and a half thousand different species of fish live in the coastal waters of Palau, including about 130 species of sharks.
  12. At different times, the Palau Islands managed to be under the rule of Spain, Japan, Germany and the United States.
  13. The only products exported from here — coconut meat (copra) and some seafood.
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