13 interesting facts about aspen

The aspen tree is very important for industry, and for the environment too. It grows in a very wide area, and perfectly adapts to a variety of conditions of existence. At the same time, old aspens sometimes reach truly impressive sizes, growing taller than most of the surrounding trees.

Interesting facts about the aspen

  1. Botanically, its relatives are poplars and willows.
  2. On average, aspen lives up to 70-80 years, although some champions grew up to 150 years. This is not very much, considering that some trees grow for thousands of years (interesting facts about trees).
  3. An old aspen can reach a height of 35 meters, which is comparable to the height of a 10-story building. At the same time, the trunk diameter of even the oldest and most powerful trees usually does not exceed 1 meter.
  4. Aspens grow noticeably faster than most other trees. But such a rapid growth is offset by the fact that they are very susceptible to numerous tree diseases.
  5. A number of peoples have beliefs that aspen is a powerful remedy against evil spirits and other evil spirits.
  6. Adult aspens the size of the leaves is 2-4 times smaller than in very young ones.
  7. These trees successfully grow in a variety of conditions, from mountains and swamps to semi-deserts and the border of the tundra (interesting facts about the tundra).
  8. Aspen bark has been used since ancient times for tanning leather.
  9. Aspen is often called a noisy tree because its leaves begin to rustle even in the slightest breeze.
  10. Moose and deer willingly eat aspen leaves because they are rich in nutrients.
  11. Aspen propagates not only by seeds, but also by root shoots, and new trees sometimes grow 40-50 cm from the old one.
  12. Natural colors of yellow and red shades are made from aspen bark.
  13. Aspen is pollinated mainly by wind, not by insects.
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