16 interesting facts about Chukotka

The amazing Chukotka peninsula is located so far from the European part of Russia that few Russians have been there. Low transport accessibility deters tourists who are eager for the amazing Chukchi nature, so traveling here will not be cheap. But it is really very beautiful here, if untouched natural beauty has been preserved in Russia, then it is here.

Interesting facts about Chukotka

  1. This peninsula is located so far east of Europe that it is already in the Western Hemisphere of the Earth, and not in the Eastern.
  2. Chukotka is also the only part of Asia that lies in the Western Hemisphere.
  3. Chukotka got its name thanks to the indigenous people of the Chukchi inhabiting it. The name of the peninsula was given by the navigator Bering, after whom the Bering Sea washing the Chukchi coast is named.
  4. Most of the entire territory of Chukotka lies at an altitude above 1 km above sea level.
  5. Chukchi winter lasts up to 10 months a year.
  6. There are no forests in Chukotka at all. Only the endless tundra spreads around.
  7. Many fossil remains of mammoths and other extinct animals have been found here, perfectly preserved in the permafrost (interesting facts about mammoths).
  8. Since Soviet times, Chukotka has been a closed region. Special permission to visit it is required not only for foreigners, but even for Russian citizens living in other regions.
  9. Chukotka and Alaska are separated only by the Bering Strait.
  10. Chukchi craftsmen make amazing carvings from walrus tusks, which are highly valued by collectors all over the world.
  11. Storms often rage in these parts, and waves 5-7 meters high are observed at sea.
  12. The indigenous people of Chukotka call themselves l’oravetl’an, which means “real people” in the Chukchi language.
  13. Local residents are allowed to hunt whales, although whaling in the whole world, and in Russia too, is prohibited. Whale meat makes up from a third to a half of the diet of the inhabitants of Chukotka, who adhere to the traditional way of life.
  14. In Chukotka, there is Lake Elgygytgyn, notable for the most perfectly round shape among all the lakes on the planet. It was formed as a result of filling a meteorite crater with water (interesting facts about lakes).
  15. The Chukchi use the decimal number system instead of the decimal number accepted throughout the world. In addition to them, such a system was in use only among the Maya Indians.
  16. Occasionally, trees are found in Chukotka, and shrubs grow along the river banks. But in general, grasses, lichens and mosses mainly grow here, and the height of vegetation does not exceed 20 centimeters.
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