10 interesting facts about quartz

Few people think that quartz is everywhere, it literally surrounds us and is present in most of the stones that just roll under your feet. Thanks to this prevalence, quartz has become the most widespread, it is actively used in various industries, and it is on it that many inventions familiar to us are based.

Interesting facts about quartz

  1. Granite is so it shines precisely due to the fact that any of its varieties partially consists of quartz.
  2. Quartz is the most common mineral in the earth’s crust. It accounts for about 12% of its mass (interesting facts about minerals).
  3. The color of pure, devoid of impurities, quartz is almost transparent, sometimes white. But more often it is colored due to the presence of other minerals in its composition.
  4. Most often, quartz is found in the composition of granite, but sometimes by itself. True, infrequently, since this requires the coincidence of a number of geological conditions.
  5. Quartz of all colors, except blue, is found in nature. Blue is created only artificially.
  6. The process of artificial synthesis of quartz is quite simple and cheap, so most of it is produced in this way.
  7. This mineral is used in glass production.
  8. For reasons yet unknown, quartz is often identical and symmetrical with respect to each other crystals fused together.
  9. The word «quartz» comes from the German language, and originally meant «hard».
  10. Such popular stones in jewelry as amethyst, rauchtopaz and citrine are varieties of quartz.
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