13 interesting facts about marble

The majestic marble stone has been used in architecture for centuries, and even ancient civilizations built monumental structures from it. Distinguished by its beauty and durability, it is still popular as a facing material to this day, and a wide variety of its shades opens up wide opportunities for its use in the decoration of buildings, both external and internal.

Interesting facts about marble

  1. Almost 100% of it consists of only one spar – calcite.
  2. The composition of organic impurities in marble determines its color and color.
  3. This mineral can be of various shades, from milky white to blue-black (interesting facts about minerals).
  4. Translated from the ancient Greek word «marble» means «shiny stone».
  5. In India, there is a belief that marble is a magical stone that serves as a bridge between our world and the world of the gods, therefore, various figurines are most often made from it (interesting facts about India).
  6. Once upon a time, numerous charlatans from medicine claimed that that marble helps to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Science refutes these claims.
  7. Marble buildings can stand for many centuries. Wind and even sea waves will leave their traces on it not earlier than in a few hundred years.
  8. Marble is highly resistant to heat. That is why the most expensive fireplaces are made from it.
  9. A Czech named Jan Roerich makes real violins from marble. They can be played with.
  10. There are several hundred different types of marble in the world.
  11. In nature, this mineral is obtained from ordinary limestone, but to start this process a number of physical and geological conditions must match.
  12. The most valuable marble is quarried in Italy, in the city of Carrara. Local quarries annually extract about 1 million tons of this stone to the surface.
  13. The famous sculptor Michelangelo created his statues from marble.
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