35 interesting facts about South America

South America is the home of many animals and plants that are now common throughout the world. Once these lands were inhabited by numerous Indian tribes, but the European colonialists destroyed the culture of many of them, trying to reshape the new lands in their own way. Some corners of the South American continent are still practically not explored due to their inaccessibility, and, quite possibly, they still hide many secrets.

Interesting facts about South America

  1. Part of the South American continent is located in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth.
  2. South America is often called Latin, which is fundamentally wrong. South America is a geographical definition, and Latin is an ethnographic one.
  3. In all South American countries, except Brazil, Suriname and Guyana, Spanish has the status of a state language.
  4. The largest city in South America is the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo (interesting facts about Sao Paulo).
  5. Most South American countries are unsafe in one way or another, especially large cities. The Republic of Chile is the most peaceful country in terms of crime on the continent.
  6. In South America, there is the world’s wettest settlement – the Colombian town of Buenaventura.
  7. A curious fact: the driest of the hot deserts in the world, the Chilean Atacama (interesting facts about deserts).
  8. The highest mountain capital in the world, La Paz, is located in South America. Strictly speaking, the city of Sucre is officially considered the capital of Bolivia, but de facto this function is performed by La Paz.
  9. The total area of ​​South America is only slightly larger than the area of ​​Russia.
  10. In China, four times live more people than on the entire South American mainland (interesting facts about China).
  11. Among all South American states, the population of Peru is the least educated. One in ten Peruvians is not literate.
  12. It is through South America that the Amazon, the greatest river in the world, flows. And below it, at a depth of many kilometers, the world’s largest underground river flows.
  13. The first European to visit South America was Christopher Columbus (interesting facts about Columbus).
  14. Only on this continent is inhabited by anacondas, the largest snakes in the world.
  15. The most popular sport in all countries of South America without exception is football. Thus, the Brazilian national team holds the record for the number of victories in the world championships.
  16. In South America, Guiana is located, which is de jure part of France. Even the euro is in use here.
  17. In total, there are 12 independent countries on this continent, the largest of which are Brazil and Argentina.
  18. The Venezuelan Lake Maracaibo is the largest among the lakes of the continent, as well as the second by age on the entire planet – it is many millions of years old.
  19. In South America is the highest waterfall in the world, Angel. Its waters rush down from a height of more than a kilometer.
  20. Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, is located in South American Bolivia, which is a dried-up salt lake.
  21. Another notable lake in South America is Titicaca. It is surprising with two facts: it is the highest navigable lake in the world (almost 4 kilometers above sea level!), and there are ocean fish that are unknown how they got here.
  22. The Ojos Del Salado Volcano is the highest active volcano not only in South America, but all over the world. It is located on the border of Chile and Argentina (interesting facts about volcanoes).
  23. The South American Colca Canyon is the deepest in the world. Its depth is twice the size of the Grand Canyon in the United States.
  24. In South America, there is the Licancabur volcano, in the crater of which, at an altitude of almost 6 kilometers, one of the highest mountain lakes in the world is located. It is covered with ice for most of the year.
  25. Most lightning strikes in the world in one place in the world, located precisely in South America, at the confluence of the Catatumbo River into Lake Maracaibo. On average, there are from 70 to 200 thunderstorm days annually, and about 250 lightning strikes per square kilometer of space per year (interesting facts about lightning).
  26. The South American complex of Iguazu Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
  27. Located in South America, the Republic of Chile is the narrowest and southernmost country in the world. Its southern border is separated from Antarctica by a distance of only 900 kilometers.
  28. The South American forests are home to the world’s largest beetles, the world’s most poisonous frogs, the largest snakes, the largest butterflies, the most dangerous fish and the smallest monkeys.
  29. Despite the fact that only one of the countries of South America speaks Portuguese, there are more Portuguese speakers on the continent than Spanish speakers. Quechua, Guarani, Aymara and Araucanian languages ​​are also common here.
  30. The basin area of ​​​​the three largest rivers in South America – the Amazon, Parana and Orinoco – covers more than half the area of ​​​​the entire continent.
  31. Among all terrestrial South America is the wettest continent.
  32. In the Chilean city of Calama, it has not rained for about 400 years (interesting facts about Chile).
  33. A third of the total population of South America is under 15 years old.
  34. Millions of years ago, this continent was one with Australia, Antarctica and Africa.
  35. A fair share of the population of South America are descendants of Europeans. Mostly Spanish, Italians, French, Germans, Greeks and Croats. In addition, about 1 million Ukrainians and their direct descendants live in Brazil alone.
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