23 interesting facts about strawberries

The tastiest berry strawberry is a part of countless desserts, and in itself it is very tasty. This berry is also interesting from the point of view of biology, although, of course, who thinks about it, sinking their teeth into a juicy red fruit? Eating strawberries is also good for health, as they are rich in a variety of vitamins, but they should be eaten in moderation.

Interesting facts about strawberries

  1. There is no such plant as «strawberry». In fact, these are some types of strawberries, just very large. Most often, what is called a strawberry is actually a garden or green strawberry.
  2. Strawberries are not a berry. The tasty red fruit is simply an overgrown receptacle, and the «real fruits» of this plant are tiny nuts that are dotted with ripe strawberries.
  3. The history of modern strawberries is very complex and confusing. It was bred by various European breeders, crossing plants of different species imported from South and North America (interesting facts about North America).
  4. On average, one strawberry contains about 200 nut seeds.
  5. The largest berry ever discovered weighed about 250 grams, and its diameter reached almost 30 centimeters.
  6. Most of all in the world strawberries are produced in the USA. More than a billion tons of strawberries are harvested annually in the state of California alone.
  7. Strawberry genome was completely deciphered by scientists in 2010. An amazing fact: it turned out that she has 10 thousand more genes than a person.
  8. In folk medicine, strawberries are recommended for headaches, as they contain the same substances in small doses as aspirin.
  9. Despite the sweet taste, strawberries contain less sugar than the most sour lemon.
  10. Regular consumption of this berry contributes to the natural whitening of teeth.
  11. In the 18th century, a white strawberry was bred, which was a hybrid of, in fact, strawberries and pineapples. Unfortunately, this variety has not survived to this day.
  12. This berry is not very strong, but still an antidepressant. 150-200 grams of ripe strawberries help neutralize nervous stress and calm down.
  13. The brighter the berry, the more vitamins it contains.
  14. Strawberry skin is very delicate, and even gentle washing in water can damage her. Therefore, it must be washed immediately before eating, otherwise it will have time to deteriorate.
  15. Proponents of natural cosmetics claim that a fresh strawberry mask can cleanse the skin of the face and get rid of wrinkles.
  16. In some countries, strawberries are harvested while still green and unripe, and then pickled. The result is something vaguely similar to pickled cucumbers.
  17. In total, about 300 different types of this berry are now cultivated in the world.
  18. Strawberries prevent premature aging of brain cells.
  19. 100 grams of strawberries contain more than 90% of the daily value of vitamin C for an adult.
  20. The UK-grown strawberries are officially recognized as the most delicious strawberries (interesting facts about the UK).
  21. The only, apart from Antarctica, the continent where strawberries are not grown is Australia. This is due to concern for the local ecosystem and a ban on the cultivation of plant and animal species imported from outside.
  22. The first strawberries, only remotely similar to those berries that we eat, were grown by the Romans more than two thousand years ago. 
  23. In France, strawberries are considered a powerful aphrodisiac.
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