13 interesting facts about the Sea of ​​Japan

The vast Sea of ​​Japan seems small only when looking at a world map, when you involuntarily compare it with the immense size of the Pacific ocean, next to which this sea is located. However, it is really huge, and from time immemorial it has been plowed by ships of local residents, catching fish from these rich waters. It is famous for its unpredictable weather and frequent hurricanes, which makes it dangerous.

Interesting facts about the Sea of ​​Japan

  1. Its waters mix with the waters of the Yellow and Okhotsk Seas (interesting facts about the Sea of ​​Okhotsk).
  2. You can enter the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of ​​Japan through 4 straits.
  3. It washes the shores of 4 states – Japan, Russia, as well as South and North Korea.
  4. Navigation in the Sea of ​​Japan is possible all year round, but its northern part is completely covered with ice in winter.
  5. Hurricanes rage over its surface really often, giving rise to monstrous storms. The most dangerous time of the year is autumn.
  6. Wave height during a storm in the Sea of ​​Japan often reaches 10-12 meters.
  7. South Koreans call it the East Sea.
  8. At a depth of more than 250 meters, the water temperature of this sea never rises above 0 degrees.
  9. Some fish living in the Sea of ​​Japan move from its northern part to its southern part for the winter.
  10. About 900 species of fish live here, including 12 species of sharks.
  11. The level of salinity in the Sea of ​​Japan is below average.
  12. The ice in its northern part sometimes melts only in summer, in June.
  13. The most dangerous inhabitants of these waters are tiny jellyfish, deadly poisonous. With a single touch, they can kill a grown man.
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