18 interesting facts about Papua New Guinea

If there is any least explored country on Earth, it is undoubtedly Papua — New Guinea. Hundreds and thousands of different peoples live here on a compact territory, with different customs and traditions, and the state power is present here only nominally. Facts about Papua-New Guinea The most widely spoken language in the country is … Read more

23 interesting facts about Gabon

The small African state of Gabon is by no means in poverty. At least globally — As for ordinary citizens, everything is far from being so rosy. Typical, in general, picture for Africa — poverty and social stratification. Facts about Gabon Gabon’s vast oil reserves have made Gabon one of the most stable and wealthy … Read more

21 interesting facts about Burkina Faso

Have you ever heard of a country like Burkina Faso? This small, poor state, lost in the wilds of Africa, is of interest to few foreigners — there is nothing of value here, and tourists in Burkina Faso have nothing to do. Although, of course, there is something interesting here. Facts about Burkina Faso The … Read more

20 interesting facts about Ecuador

Sunny Ecuador — not only the main supplier of bananas and mangoes to Europe, it is also an amazingly colorful country, hospitable and open. Of course, it’s not very safe here, like everywhere else in Latin America, but what to do — each region has its own characteristics. Facts about Ecuador In Spanish, the name … Read more

16 interesting facts about Chile

Chile — it is not only a hot pepper, it is also a country in Latin America reminiscent of its outlines of its borders. This state, sandwiched between mountains and the ocean, is constantly shaken by earthquakes, but the locals do not lose heart — You will have to look for such cheerful and positive … Read more

19 interesting facts about Botswana

The arid African country of Botswana — a small and poor state, which, in general, is a fairly typical picture by the standards of this continent. Rains here are extremely rare, and they are always revered for good. Suffocating dust covers the streets of Botswana towns and villages, and a terrible torrential downpour with a … Read more

17 interesting facts about Kenya

Most tourists go to Kenya for great safari tours. The amazing African savannah, which has been preserved in its original form in many places, is carefully protected by the state, because it is it that attracts tourists and their money here, and tourism — an important source of replenishment of the Kenyan budget. However, even … Read more

16 interesting facts about Madagascar

The island state of Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean, but geographically it belongs to Africa. It is entirely occupied by the state of the same name. Here you can meet very strange and unusual customs and traditions, but Madagascar is very interesting from the point of view of a curious tourist. People come … Read more

13 interesting facts about South Sudan

South Sudan — very closed country. No, the laws do not prevent tourists from traveling in this direction, but strict local customs, lack of safety on the streets and many other similar factors scare away almost all adventure tourism enthusiasts. Only the most desperate independent travelers get into South Sudan. Interesting facts about South Sudan … Read more

14 interesting facts about Yemen

The arid country of Yemen is still a blank spot on the map for most travelers, even those who has already traveled half the world. Getting a visa here is sometimes not easy, but even without this there are few who want to visit a country that can hardly ensure the safety of its guests. … Read more