98 interesting facts about dragonflies

1. Interesting facts about dragonflies say that dragonflies try to calculate the distance to kill. 2. Dragonflies have well-developed eyes. 3. Dragonflies can see in several directions at the same time. 4. Dragonflies are considered effective. 5. In a swarm, dragonflies are able to isolate their own prey. 6. Dragonflies never stop eating. 7. These … Read more

70 interesting facts about monkeys

This is an animal that everyone admires, and therefore it is interesting to get to know her better. There are many interesting things about this animal. Facts about monkeys will help to learn a lot of new things for both adult readers and the smallest nature lovers. 1. A monkey is an animal that can … Read more

90 interesting facts about birds

Birds are an integral part of our nature. They surround people, and therefore it will be interesting to learn facts about birds. Cuckoos, eagles, canaries – each of these birds is tempting in its own way. Interesting facts about birds are unique knowledge not only for children, but also for older generations. 1. On Today, … Read more

50 interesting facts about hedgehogs

As it turns out, hedgehogs are rather unusual creatures. Interesting facts about hedgehogs are multifaceted and varied. There are many legends associated with these animals, especially about their needles instead of wool. The eared hedgehog is mysterious. Interesting facts about him will interest and allow you to think. Read below the most interesting facts about … Read more

50 interesting facts about Kangaroo

The most famous symbol of Australia is the kangaroo. Interesting facts about him are striking in their singularity. Europeans first saw this animal, and it was initially assumed that it had 2 heads. These are not all interesting facts about kangaroos. You can still tell a lot of secret about this animal. Interesting facts about … Read more

70 interesting facts about owls

Since childhood, we know a lot about owls. This is exactly the bird that is a symbol of wisdom. Owls are graceful and beautiful. Interesting facts about owls are taught in botany classes, but this is not all that an adult needs to know about this nocturnal bird. 1. Not all types of owls hunt … Read more

100 interesting facts about bears

Many people have known interesting facts about bears since their school years. But there are still classified facts from the life of these animals. Interesting facts about bears – this is what will interest both the kids and their parents. Bears differ from other animals in their way of life, appearance, and food preferences. Facts … Read more

69 interesting facts about Australia’s animals

Like any other continent, beautiful and hot Australia has its own characteristics. Many animals living there are marsupials. Not only the most unique representatives of the fauna live there, but also animals that are dangerous to humans. The animal world of Australia is devoid of monkeys, but the world of ruminants and pachyderms of this … Read more

100 interesting facts about cats

Cats are considered one of the most beloved and popular pets, so many people want to know interesting facts about cats. These pets are easy enough to care for, moderately smart and very affectionate and rightfully deserve good treatment from millions of people. 1. Annually in Asia about four million cats are eaten. 2. Cats … Read more

25 interesting facts about tigers

In European culture, the lion is called the king of beasts. In Asia, the cult of the tiger has developed since ancient times – a strong, fearless and ferocious animal, commanding all representatives of the kingdom of animals. Accordingly, the tiger is considered a symbol of royal omnipotence and military prowess. Despite all the respect … Read more