28 interesting facts about Venice

Romantic Venice is the most famous and interesting city on the water. There are other cities in the world, riddled with canals and rivers, but it is here that some incredible number of tourists are attracted every year. And it is a pity that this wonderful place is slowly but surely sinking into the water, … Read more

26 interesting facts about Kyrgyzstan

The country of Kyrgyzstan, is really beautiful and interesting. Located almost in the heart of Asia, it is distinguished by amazing nature, picturesque mountains, deep lakes and sharp seasonal climate changes – this is a consequence of its geographical location. Lovers of beaches and «all-inclusive» hotels do not come here, but having been here at … Read more

20 interesting facts about Baku

It is very interesting to visit the ancient city of Baku. Noisy bazaars, picturesque districts of the old city, modern new buildings – all this forms an amazing cocktail. It is here that you can especially clearly see how quickly Azerbaijan is developing, because all new items first of all get to Baku. And this … Read more

17 interesting facts about Milan

The ancient city of Milan is older than many other settlements on Earth. Its very historical name is translated from Latin as «located in the center of the plain». It is difficult to establish the exact age of Milan due to the prescription of years, but he is no less than 2500 years old. And … Read more

20 interesting facts about Sicily

The cozy island of Sicily has a rich history and no less rich culture, very interesting from a variety of points of view. The customs and traditions are still very strong here, and despite the penetration of modern values ​​from other countries and from Italy itself, the Sicilians are still very conservative for the most … Read more

30 interesting facts about Bermuda Islands

The world-famous Bermuda Islands are so widely known not because of their clean beaches and beautiful nature, although all this is also here, but because of the Bermuda Triangle, shrouded in myths and legends, in which an abnormally large number of aircraft and ships are believed to disappear. The islanders themselves, however, willingly support this … Read more

21 interesting facts about the cities of the world

All the cities of the world are interesting, surprising and curious in their own way. Well, maybe not all, but many of them. Given the cultural differences in different parts of the world, sometimes you never cease to be surprised at how different the settlements that people consider convenient for themselves look. But many cities … Read more

33 interesting facts about Colombia

The beautiful country of Colombia, a former Spanish colony, still looks the same in places as it did three hundred years ago back. Local towns are a real paradise for lovers of antiquity and admirers of colonial architecture, because, despite the fact that they do not live well here, the Colombians still retained many historical … Read more

15 interesting facts about Bogota

The ancient city of Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is not as interesting as many other towns in this country. Unlike them, it has practically not preserved historical buildings, and it is a typical Latin American metropolis. There are business districts glittering with skyscrapers, and dangerous slums, and islands of well-being in the form of … Read more

10 interesting facts about Southern Europe

It is in Southern Europe that many of the most popular resorts are located. The mild Mediterranean climate, insanely beautiful nature, the general well-being of most countries in this region have made Southern Europe an extremely popular tourist destination. And really, why fly to the ends of the world for the warm sea and swaying … Read more