100 interesting facts about Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka looks forward to every visitor from every corner of the world. It has everything for an unforgettable vacation. Snow-white beaches, clear turquoise water of the ocean, impenetrable jungle, exotic animals and plants, comfortable hotels and entertainment for every taste. This place must be visited at least once in your life to get unforgettable … Read more

100 interesting facts about the US economy

The United States is one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world. Many people want to live in this country because of the high standard of living. The United States is characterized by a developed economy, high wages and low unemployment. All these factors make the United States attractive for both tourists … Read more

100 interesting facts about South Africa

The most developed part of Africa is considered southern. It is here that you can see skyscrapers and innovative technologies combined with endless snow-white beaches, blue ocean waters and steppes with wild animals. It is also here that you can get acquainted with the customs of unique African tribes, enjoy a safari, soak up the … Read more

99 interesting facts about South Korea

There are a huge number of amazing and interesting countries in the world that annually attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. South Korea is no exception. In addition, it belongs to the influential countries of the world and is equated with Japan or China. South Korea boasts innovative inventions that are popular … Read more

100 interesting facts about India

India is considered a country of contrasts, and it is fraught with many secrets. Interesting facts about India include the historical development of the country, and the traditions, and characteristics of the people living there. Everyone can be interested in India. Interesting facts about this state give the impression that this country is extraordinary. And … Read more

100 interesting facts about Italy

Many of us would like to know the most interesting facts about Italy, especially if we want to visit this state in the future. This country of passion, fashion and wine. Each region of Italy has its own characteristics and traditions that few people know about. Facts about Italy will interest you from the first … Read more

100 interesting facts about America (USA)

Most people consider America the most successful and developed country in the world. Of course, this is not the whole truth. Thus, the United States is dominated by size and population, has a highly developed economy, high wages, low unemployment, natural resources, good cars and comfortable houses. Many people want to live in America. The … Read more

100 interesting facts about Armenia

At least once in your life you need to visit the amazing country of Armenia. It attracts lovers of both sightseeing and relaxing holidays. Almost 97% of the population are native Armenians. Also, almost the majority of them profess Christianity. Mount Ararat is the symbol of Armenia. Below we offer you to read more unique … Read more

100 interesting facts about Belarus

Probably, most people associate Belarus with its unchanging president, Old Man Lukashenko. Belarus is also characterized by its incredible potato crops. It is in this state that the classical methods of agricultural development are followed. The country lives quietly and practically does not fit into world politics. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and fascinating … Read more

100 interesting facts about ancient Rome

Interesting facts about Ancient Rome will interest people who like unusual and fascinating information. This state hides many secrets in itself. Legends about him are both true and fictional. Historical facts about Ancient Rome are not only what they tell in school. Many of them are unknown to anyone. 1. The history of modern Rome … Read more