100 interesting facts about Armenia

At least once in your life you need to visit the amazing country of Armenia. It attracts lovers of both sightseeing and relaxing holidays. Almost 97% of the population are native Armenians. Also, almost the majority of them profess Christianity. Mount Ararat is the symbol of Armenia. Below we offer you to read more unique … Read more

100 interesting facts about Belarus

Probably, most people associate Belarus with its unchanging president, Old Man Lukashenko. Belarus is also characterized by its incredible potato crops. It is in this state that the classical methods of agricultural development are followed. The country lives quietly and practically does not fit into world politics. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and fascinating … Read more

100 interesting facts about ancient Rome

Interesting facts about Ancient Rome will interest people who like unusual and fascinating information. This state hides many secrets in itself. Legends about him are both true and fictional. Historical facts about Ancient Rome are not only what they tell in school. Many of them are unknown to anyone. 1. The history of modern Rome … Read more

100 interesting facts about Europe

50 states are located on the territory of Europe. They are distinguished by their culture and customs, historical heritage and economy. Each state is unique and inimitable in its own way. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit European countries every year. It is here that the best resorts, cultural and historical sights … Read more

100 interesting facts about Eurasia

Eurasia is considered to be the largest continent on the globe. Its area occupies almost a third of the earth’s land. In addition, it is on the Eurasian continent that a significant part of the world’s population lives. In 1880, the first data about this amazing continent appeared. Every year, research is conducted to learn … Read more

99 interesting facts about Brazil

Brazil is an amazing country that annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. First of all, it is worth highlighting the annual incendiary carnivals with luxurious and colorful costumes, incredible fantastic platforms and fun dances. Also in Brazil live very beautiful girls with magnificent forms, which attract men with rhythmic dances. The … Read more

100 interesting facts about Belgium

It is in Belgium that the highest standard of living in Europe is observed. Citizens are socially secure, have their own housing and material benefits. It is a small country that is rich in cultural heritage. Belgium is famous in the world for its impeccable beer and unique chocolate. The average age of local residents … Read more

100 interesting facts about Saudi Arabia

1. Women have no rights in Saudi Arabia. 2. Saudi Arabia has the death penalty. 3. A bottle of whiskey in Saudi Arabia will cost about $300. 4. Saudi Arabia is largely a desert state. 5. Humidity in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia exceeds 100% at a temperature of 45 degrees. 6. Despite the … Read more

100 interesting facts about Australia

Australia can be called the most amazing and isolated country, which is located almost on the very edge of the globe. This country has no close neighbors, and it is washed on all sides by the waters of the ocean. It is here that the rarest and most poisonous animals in the world live. Probably … Read more

100 interesting facts about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is primarily known for its comfortable and inexpensive resorts. The country has access to the Black Sea, which allows it to receive tourists from all over the world. It is also worth highlighting the rich natural resources, namely impassable mountains and forests, rare animals and plants. In Bulgaria, all lovers of sightseeing holidays will … Read more