80 interesting facts about Ireland

You can learn a lot about Ireland from movies and TV shows. This country has an extraordinary culture, nature and attractions. Interesting facts about Ireland confirm this fact with confidence. Not everyone knows how people live in this country. Facts about Ireland include cultural traditions, historical events, and common myths. Ireland is unique and beautiful. … Read more

60 interesting facts about the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has become one of the oldest and most beautiful countries in Europe. It has a rich and interesting history, unusual architecture, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Every year, the popularity of visiting the Czech Republic only increases. In 2012 it was visited by approximately 7 million people, and in … Read more

100 interesting facts about Egypt

1. Toothpaste, comb and soap first appeared in Egypt. 2. Glass and cement were invented by the Egyptians. 3. The use of cosmetics is associated with Egypt. 4. Knowledge from the mummification industry that was studied in Egypt, useful in storing meat. 5. Contraceptives and antibiotics were first used in Egypt. 6. In Egypt, mail … Read more

99 interesting facts about Turkey

Turkey is very popular among tourists who seek an unforgettable and inexpensive vacation. It has everything, and the sea and the sun, exotic animals and plants, architectural monuments, relaxing and active holidays for every taste. You can visit old villages and get acquainted with the traditions of the indigenous people, try the national cuisine, buy … Read more

100 interesting facts about the Dominican Republic

1. In some pharmacy kiosks in the Dominican Republic, you can buy nails and a hammer. 2. Red-eyed iguanas live only in the Dominican Republic. 3. A Dominican motorcycle can fit about 6 people. 4. Early marriages in the Dominican Republic are allowed, but with the consent of adults. 5. Residents of the Dominican Republic, … Read more

100 interesting facts about Cuba

Most people associate Cuba with the mafia, cigars, tequila and spicy Mexican food. At the same time, it is here that you can soak up the white-sand beaches and swim in the perfectly clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Cuba is a paradise for tourists looking for a relaxing and unforgettable vacation. In Cuba, … Read more

100 interesting facts about Finland

Most people associate Finland with saunas and Santa Claus. Almost every Finnish citizen has a sauna at home. This is a national tradition, the same as reindeer breeding, the use of natural fur and leather. In Finland, there is an official residence of Santa Claus, who receives letters from all over the world. Finland is … Read more

100 interesting facts about Thailand

Thailand attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. This is an amazing and not fully explored country. Fans of cultural recreation will like historical monuments, unique temples and chiseled architecture. Also here you can find a relaxing holiday on the white sandy beaches. Untouched nature and exotic animals, unique traditional food … Read more

100 interesting facts about Turkmenistan

1. Turkmenistan has only one mobile operator. 2. Turkmenistan celebrates 33 holidays. 3. Turkmenistan managed to pass a law, according to which, legitimizing relations with Turkmen, it was necessary to deposit 50,000 dollars to the state account. 4. Women living in Turkmenistan put on a lot of silver on their wedding day. 5. Bread is … Read more

100 interesting facts about Ukraine

The main feature of Ukraine is fertile lands, namely black soil, which allows the country to actively engage in agriculture in order to provide for itself and its neighbors. Ukraine is rich in natural resources. There is everything here, both the sea and mountains, fields and forests, rivers and lakes, protected areas where rare animals … Read more