100 interesting facts about New Zealand

1. New Zealand is considered the first state in which suffrage was introduced. 2. The lands of New Zealand were discovered in 1642. 3. The queen is considered the monarch of New Zealand Elizabeth II. 4. New Zealand has 2 national anthems. 5. 3 Women occupy the highest positions in New Zealand. 6. New Zealand … Read more

100 interesting facts about Hong Kong

1. The inhabitants of Hong Kong do not consider themselves Chinese, although their state is part of China. 2. Hong Kong in translation means “fragrant harbor”. 3. Hong Kong is home of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. 4. This is the purest Chinese city. 5. Hong Kong is a European expensive city in China. 6. … Read more

100 interesting facts about Georgia

Georgia is an amazing country that attracts tourists from all over the world with its majestic mountains, endless fields, long rivers and hospitable people. This country is famous for the best barbecue and wine, clean nature and temperate climate, entertainment for every taste. Georgians know the best toasts in the world, they know how to … Read more

100 interesting facts about Germany

Germany is world famous for its delicious and frothy beer, mouth-watering fried sausages and impeccable cars. This is one of the most developed countries in the world. High wages, comfortable living conditions, low unemployment make Germany attractive for emigrants. The Germans are responsible and punctual, they value impeccable quality and comfort, and at the same … Read more

120 interesting facts about Greece

Greece is an ancient country with its own customs and traditions. As about any country, there are many interesting things to tell about Greece. Tourists like to travel around Greece very much, because it is not in vain that this country makes a profit every year. 1. In Greece people smoke a lot. 2. The … Read more

100 interesting facts about Russia and Russians

Russia is a great country that impresses with its scale and influence in the world. This country is associated with forests and mountains, clear lakes and endless rivers, diverse flora and fauna. It is here that people of different nationalities live. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and surprising facts about Russia and Russians. 1. … Read more

100 interesting facts about Austria

Austria is an amazing country that amazes with its unique mountain landscapes. It is here that tourists from all over the world come to enjoy skiing. Austria has a high standard of living, comfortable resorts and gastronomic delicacies. In this country, you can relax your body and soul. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and … Read more

100 interesting facts about the Vatican

The Vatican enclave state is located in Italy, inside the territory of Rome. This is the smallest state in the world. Going to the Italian capital, tourists certainly look into the Vatican – the heart of world Catholicism. This is where the residence of the Pope is located. Why is this dwarf state so interesting? … Read more

100 interesting facts about Africa

Africa – one of the most amazing continents in the world. Some scientists believe that it was in Africa that the first life on Earth originated. Africa is both the poorest and richest in the world. After all, it is here that almost the lowest standard of living is observed. At the same time, it … Read more